It’s our life and our body. Not a darn label.

All we want is to be able to be clothed or unclothed as we feel.

Clothing Optional

We live in one pretty screwed up society. Too many prudes out there who feel like seein’ somebody naked is a pervert. Too many people in this world think the absolute same thing about us nudists. “Oh, all they want is sex, it’s gross, and it shouldn’t belong in society.” Too many clothed people worry and think way too much about what others will think of them. So they force us to dress up and force us to fit in and be like everybody else, and not truly be the real us. It’s absolutely disgusting. Nobody should have to go through that crap. It’s not necessary at all, and there’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed.

If you choose to be naked, you should have the liberty to do so. If we were born nude, then why should we have to cover ourselves up? Just like every other creature in…

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