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A caring fella who has been a naturist for 50 of my 69yrs! Wife has severe stroke 12 yrs ago and I look after her 24/7. Live clothes-free at home and love to get out in our lovely countryside in my skin! Also like motor sports, photography and DIY, 2 of which I can do wearing just a smile!

The best way to really get rid of every single hair is to shave it in the shower, females and males.!


A naked hike in the countryside.

A true naturist, showing that natural nudity is normal! Good for humanity.


It was a beautiful, cloudless, hot day with temperatures pushing 30 degrees Celsius, so I decided to spend my afternoon on a naked walk into the farmland and countryside that’s within a half hour walk of my home.

I live on the edge of Andover, a small market town in Hampshire, southern England (about an hour south west of London) the countryside surrounding our town is beautiful rolling hills, agricultural farm land, forests and chalk streams. It’s a beautiful part of southern England.

I took my walk under the busy A303 road which takes traffic thundering towards London and as I left town, I felt peace, and freedom, removing my shorts, I enjoyed the feeling of walking naked.

I use farm tracks and old bridleways and have seldom met many people on previous walks on the same route. I’ve met the occasional dog walker or cyclist, but I make no…

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The Nudist Life Style

It’s a good reccomendation!

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I recommend the nudist life style for retirees, men and women. Your  enjoyment of  the freedom of nudity will  increase your life expectancy.There is no  age limit for nudists

 Young, middle age, and mature, like myself, all participate in the nudist life style. You will meet nudists from every race, nationality, color, and sexual preference. I have met and made nudist friends from around the world. All beautiful people with open minds and open hearts. Enjoy nudity in your home, backyard, and resorts with family and friends. Socialize in the nude, it’s wonderful. Get naked and enjoy life.

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Bottoms-Up! June, 2018

Be bare to the sun and air!

ReNude Pride

Thankfully, Summer, 2018, has officially arrived, as of June 21! The fun-filled season of sand, surf and sun is here throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Once again, it’s time to get outside and bare our buttocks, warm our bums and enjoy the good times. As much as we all hate to admit it, it won’t be long before we have to put on our clothes as another winter approaches. I know this prospect of a seasonal change is welcome news to our bare brethren in the Southern Hemisphere.

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allAblur – Looking Back Through a Naked Lens

A refreshing point of view from a “not so young” man like me! Vertically challenged and not so heavy!

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche


A long-time friend of mine from the U.K., Scott, also known as “allablur” in the twittersphere, has been a photographer for many decades. It was as a photographer that I got to know, Scott. I had begun taking nude photos in the early 1970s and have continued to do so up to the present day.  Since we live on different continents with different professional backgrounds, life somehow conspired to allow us to meet and begin a friendship.

Since we are both “not-so-young-anymore” men, we both find ourselves being more reflective of our lives, not trapped in the past, but aware of how our pasts have crafted us to become the men we are at present. It just so happens that I am reading a book by another longtime friend, Canadian Jungian analyst, Daryl Sharp, Not the Big Sleep: On Having Fun, Seriously. Here are a few…

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London Naked Bike Ride 2018 – Peaceful Protest

a brilliant resume of the London World naked bike ride

steve ritter

I almost gave it a miss this year. Sad circumstances away from the ride had lessened my appetite for any activity that might appear frivolous, but ultimately with little else of much use I could do that day, I was persuaded to join in the World Naked Bike Ride for a tenth time…

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR)

WNBR is a worldwide campaign that demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists and protests against car culture. Its linked objectives are to:

  1. protest against the global dependency on oil
  2. curb car culture
  3. obtain real rights for cyclists
  4. demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets
  5. celebrate body freedom

As per last year, I had agreed to help out as a ride marshal, and I’d already been part of a clothed test ride the previous Saturday. Now having resolved to participate in what would be my ninth London Naked Bike Ride, I…

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First Day of 2018 Summer!

Summer at last!

ReNude Pride

It is now official, today is June 21, the Summer Solstice. The Summer of 2018 is now underway and this is the time to get outside, get out of those cumbersome clothes and enjoy life! This season will not last forever so promise yourself to make each moment last! Whatever your plans are for the season, don’t forget that sunscreen is essential for happiness and health! Remember the sunglasses. The sun’s at its peak this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the ultra-violet sun-rays can seriously damage the eyes!

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