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A caring fella who has been a naturist for 50 of my 69yrs! Wife has severe stroke 12 yrs ago and I look after her 24/7. Live clothes-free at home and love to get out in our lovely countryside in my skin! Also like motor sports, photography and DIY, 2 of which I can do wearing just a smile!

…And This is What the Cops Saw

8 officers what a waste of resources plonkers

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

Yesterday we posted the story of how our most recent park visit, downtown in the vicinity of the Statue of Liberty (for maximum irony), briefly got interrupted by eight police officers hopeful they might persuade us not to do what we have every right to do (or maybe just eager for a good look). Now you can judge for yourself whether what they saw constituted an affront to decency and civility.

IMG_8605IMG_8814Happily the police decided it did not, or at least had to concede that they had no legal right to intrude. So off they slunk and we continued having the very relaxing, very pleasant afternoon we’d been having before they showed up.

IMG_8622Books read ranged from Sense and Sensibility to SoHo Sins, from Stephen King’s classic It to Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 to Megan Abbott and Alison Gaylin’s brand new comic book Normandy Gold

IMG_8771IMG_8798IMG_8778Oh, and the Sunday Times 

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Goodbye, My friends!  RIP All-Nudist

a sad repost

All Nudist

It’s time, folks.  We’ve spent ten years trying to counter the crap that passes for ‘nudism’ and ‘naturism’ online, especially for the sake of newcomers.  We’re pleased to see many more useful websites than there were when we began, and like to think that we may have inspired some of them.

Many more good ones have gone their way, victims of burnout and busy webmasters.  But the beat goes on!

450276_origI, Steve, am incurably ill, and have been denied the transplant that could have made a difference.  It’s only a matter of time now.  Maybe weeks, maybe months with exceptional treatment.  Either way, I have more on my plate than continuing to operate this website any longer.

Don’t weep for me; I’ve had a great life and leave with few regrets.  We just hope you have gotten something from our efforts even if we’ve not always agreed!

There’s little more…

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Art is Free, and So Are We


The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_8455Andy Golub, the visionary artist behind New York Bodypainting Day, has formed a new non-profit arts organization called Human Connection Arts, to spread the word that art and nudity can both be tools for human connection — and that the human body, in all its infinite variety, is deserving of respect and love.

IMG_8421The group’s first project, called “Body Notes,” took place last Friday in the middle of Times Square, with literally tens of thousands of workers and tourists, businesspeople and students, the young and the old, all present to witness and enjoy what we were doing. Who were “we”? About 200 models, women and men, including a number of members of our book club. And what were we doing? Getting completely naked and painting each other from head to toe, first with base coats of orange, blue and yellow, and then with heartfelt messages chosen by each model…

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Lucidity vs Depression

Depression I have being carer for wife

Ally Fortis

Lucidity [loo-sid-i-tee]


1. thequalityofbeingeasilyunderstood,completelyintelligible,or comprehensible:


2. theabilitytoseethingsclearly;rationality;sanity:

Inararemomentoflucidity,thesenatorsidedwithhispolitical enemiesforthegoodofthecountry.

Depression [dih-preshuh n]

1. theactof depressing.
2. thestateofbeing depressed.
3. depressed orsunkenplaceorpart;anarealowerthanthe surroundingsurface.
4. sadness;gloom;dejection.

5. Psychiatry.aconditionofgeneralemotionaldejectionandwithdrawal;sadnessgreaterandmoreprolongedthanthatwarrantedbyany objectivereason.

Compare clinical depression:

1. dullnessorinactivity,asoftrade.

2. Economics.aperiodduringwhichbusiness,employment,andstock-marketvaluesdeclineseverelyorremainataverylowlevelof activity.

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5 Reasons to Sleep Naked Every Night

I always have done. I don’t have any p.j’s- silly garments!

Ally Fortis

In life, we have to wear clothes pretty much everywhere, so why wear them in the comfort of our homes while we sleep? It might seem weird at first to go to bed wearing nothing at all, but sleeping without the confines of clothing actually comes with major health benefits. According to a sleep survey, only 8 percent of Americans go to sleep baring it all, but more people might jump on the bandwagon after hearing about the amazing advantages of sleeping naked.



While pajamas might seem comfy and cozy, they can pose as a real hindrance while you sleep. First of all, PJ’s plus a comforter and blankets can increase your body temperature, making it difficult to fall and stay asleep. The body requires a cool environment in order to fall…

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Adam zoekt Eva

What do YOU think?

the sl naturist

Adam zoekt Eva is a Dutch television programme wherein a naked Adam is landed on a pacific island and then introduced to a naked Eve and, as far as I can see, it becomes an essay in seeing if the two can hit it off, romantically speaking. In order to spice things up a bit, another Adam (or another Eve) will be added to the mix.


Quite obviously it ‘works’ on the age-old cynical televisual equation of nudity = audience.

I believe that a German equivalent has also been made, and videos of full episodes are easily found online via the main video sharing platforms (along with hundreds of photographs). I watched a couple of the shows and I have to say that it’s quite possibly some of the dreariest time I’ve ever spent in front of a computer monitor because the premise of the show is flimsy, to say…

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