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A caring fella who has been a naturist for 55 of my 73yrs! Wife has severe stroke 17 yrs ago and I look after her 24/7. Live clothes-free at home and love to get out in our lovely countryside in my skin! Also like motor sports, photography and DIY, 2 of which I can do wearing just a smile!

Discrimination and prejudice against nudism is the worst! Let’s end this!

End the discrimination

The Shaven Circumcised Nudist Life

Any discrimination and prejudice is cruel and mean. Part of us humans being so weird and in what isn’t fair is having forms of discrimination like racism, sexism and ableism, and being the only living things to cover up in shame. And, it’s so not okay, especially, to be against nudism and discriminate against others […]

Discrimination and prejudice against nudism is the worst! Let’s end this!

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Brazil Part Three -Abrico Beach

A welcome from Brazil

the sl naturist










All photos identified online as Abrico

Once again, Abrico Beach, south of Rio/Sao Paolo, is not a beach Natalia has visited, due to the great distances from her home. So there’s now a lot she has been able to add to it as a location, so it seems an appropriate point to get her input on hat Brazilian naturism means to her and her thoughts on its history and where it is right now. She emailed me right after spending a day on her local beach, Tambaba. Remember, it’s summer south of the equator!

‘I had a great day on the beach with my boyfriend, thanks for asking!

‘I am not a great expert on Brazilian naturism, but I think that we can be grateful to a lady called Luz del Fuego for being the ‘godmother’ to Brazilian naturists. I know she founded a political party called the Brazilian Naturist…

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Birthday Walk

A wonderful day

The Free Range Naturist

2022-05-10 Tucson

It is a Birthday. It begins casually, leading to a brunch on a sidewalk café in an eastside strip mall. The food is good, but all of the hanging plants and wrought iron won’t escape the fact that we’re eating in their big parking lot.

Afterward, I use a door panel and the other cars next door in that parking area, to get out of my pants and into my hiking kilt. With the addition of toe shoes, I’m nearly ready.

We are near the base of scenic Mt. Lemon Highway, a long meander up into the Catalina Mountains. It starts in desert and finishes in alpine conditions at 9200 feet. Our destination is a beautiful 20 mile drive from the restaurant.

About half the way, we pull off into a familiar small parking lot on the side of the road, at around 7000 feet. This was the…

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cave, London, 18 October 2022


steve ritter

With its ever-evolving character as a vintage shop, workshop, art space, event space and meeting place, the only thing certain about the layout of cave in Pimlico is it will be interesting. When I arrived for this evening’s life drawing it was being prepared for an imminent new exhibition. I would be modelling in the farthest small gallery space.

Small the gallery may be, but it is accommodating. I would be posing with my back to one wall flanked by heaters, while chairs occupied every available centimetre around the other three. All seats had been filled by the time the last artist arrived, so they sat cross-legged on what remained of the floor.

Short poses were the order of the day. We began with three of 3 minutes, followed by three of 5 minutes. Two poses of 10 minutes each came next, and finally one pose of 15 minutes took…

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Clothes Free on a Railway Line


Rambling Naked

Have you ever gone to a train station in order to take off your clothes? I did this on a foggy day in October. However, it was a small train station on a branch line and it was early on a Sunday morning. No one was out except a few joggers.

But one after another. I had it in my head that I must walk in my birthday suite on a track bed. So I looked for a railway line in Google Maps that I thought was suitable for this purpose. Now all that was missing was someone to document it photographically. As before I found someone on the Internet. This time it was Elisabeth, a sixty-year-old lady, 160 cm tall, fat, with glasses, brown hair and a permanent wave. She was obviously excited to spend a day with a bare man and seemed to be expecting something more.


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What (not) to do when you encounter a naked hiker?

Hiking Naked is Good

Naked Diaries

There are some rules of engagement in our society that don’t make much sense to me. One of these rules is about having to wear clothes in social settings. I can think of a number of reasons why this is so, but still all these reasons don’t explain in a satisfactory way to me why we absolutely need to wear clothes all the time. Why is nakedness considered indecent?

Also, why do people love beaches? I mean, swimming is nice, as well as the refreshing feeling of a swim on a hot day. I understand it if being on the beach is related to work or survival, or maybe just to watch the ships pass by. What I don’t understand is how it is relaxing to spend the day on a hot beach in the hot sun while on vacation. I’m really trying to consider it, but no. I don’t…

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Mall Galleries, London, 1 August 2022

Art is true

The Shaven Circumcised Nudist Life

Long pose sessions for Hesketh Hubbard Art Society at Mall Galleries have a way of turning into a test of endurance. I’ve written previously about some of the localised dynamics that must be negotiated or tolerated. Artists this evening were considerate, respectful, attentive and kind, right from the outset. The fact that it ultimately became […]

Mall Galleries, London, 1 August 2022

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Bare Practitioner Pride!

Good thoughts!

ReNude Pride

Bare Practitioners Trail entrance!

As bare practitioners (same gender loving naturists/nudists) we wholeheartedly embrace, encourage and endorse the following character traits of our community and our culture:

Acceptance: of our body and clothes freedom nature and our sexuality.

Belief: in our inalienable and natural right to determine and to be ourselves.

Confidence: in all of us to be what and who we basically and honestly are without any apology, guilt or shame.

Dedication: in advocating and supporting these principles for everyone, no matter who they are and where they live.

Pride: our shining star!

As bare practitioners we all know that we are entitled to and experience our pride throughout the entire year. Confidence and self-expression are not limited and/or restricted to just the month of June, annually. Pride month is when we, as both a community and a culture, remind the the rest of humanity of who we all…

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