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A caring fella who has been a naturist for 50 of my 69yrs! Wife has severe stroke 12 yrs ago and I look after her 24/7. Live clothes-free at home and love to get out in our lovely countryside in my skin! Also like motor sports, photography and DIY, 2 of which I can do wearing just a smile!

Redington: Full of water, joy and friendship Part II

A wonderful account of a true Free range naturist

The Free Range Naturist

2014-09-22 and the week that follows:

Moving On:

Tiredness wears off with infusion of the invigoration of the fun of it. I decide to explore a bit further in search of shade and adventure. I just go off carrying nothing, wandering, wearing absolutely nothing. Followed by Elaine, we climb upward. The usual route is cut off with hard flow. We have to climb up a small foothold, a line of cleavage on a boulder, then pivot around one limb at a time in balance to get to the other side, like some gymnastic exercise. I place one foot, then another further up, gripping to the rock. Then, as I push up with the lower foot, it slips. Fortunately I still have a two hand grip and one foot hold and don’t fall off. Elaine follows carefully.

The familiar place with two trees has had a nice sandy beach on its…

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Interview: Andre, LivingClothesFree

A great personal life story

ReNude Pride

Late last year, maybe November, I discovered livingclothesfree, (click to view) a pictorial blog. What initially caught my attention about this site is that almost every post is of the site’s author, Andre Fuller Davenport, doing the most ordinary things while clothes-free. He’s not engaged in some amazing adventure, he’s doing routine activities that any of us do only that he’s proudly and unapologetically nude. There aren’t too many men able to make that boast. Another interesting fact that captured my attention is that he’s a gay nudist, too!

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A Valentine and Eden 2018: A Trip report: Part II

What a wonderful way of life!

The Free Range Naturist


Our three day Valentine’s plans have been dramatically changed, but we have been provided with a perhaps more rich alternative. Here is Part I:

A Valentine and Eden 2018: Trip report

New Explorations:

While enjoying a large cup of apple, cinnamon and almonds concoction that DF had made up, we feel the warm intensity of the sun on our nude backs. It is beautiful. I suggest a hike.  We’ll head north into the desert, just head out.

Shoes on, we slide through the rusty barbed wire fence and off the property. A bottle of water and cameras are all that we require.

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Nudist Idea #14: Ask for Permission to Get Naked While at Friends’

Share the naked joy!

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

Related imageYou are invited at a barbecue or pool party at one of your friend’s place. The weather is forecasted beautiful. What are you going to wear? If your friends are naturists and know you are one, your option to get naked is open. However, there may be non naturist people at the event, and even naturists may feel uncomfortable. We’ll look into this in a moment. Now, if your friends are not naturists, your option to go naked is low. But, it’s not zero, it’s actually never zero, until you ask.

Image result for nudist among clothedBecause this is ultimately what it is all about: asking for permission to get naked! This may sound strange or awkward at first, but it will become a second nature as soon as you realize it’s totally appropriate, natural and normal! One of the best ways I found was first of all not to take any swimsuit. If your…

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