Maverick Spring: Part I

A wonderful account of true freerange naturism, brilliant!

The Free Range Naturist


We have had the Green Mountain Trail on the bucket list for several years. Our destination is an off shoot of the Green Mountain Trail called Maverick Springs Trail. My internet research has shown me that there is a concrete cistern there with water “always.” We can’t be certain according to the Forest Service representative on the phone. She has never been there.


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Bare Humor

Naked funnies!

ReNude Pride

Before any inundates me with negative comments, no, I am not laughing at the fact that people are bare (naked, nude)! Well, yes I am if the situation is funny but as to ridiculing anyone just because they are clothes-free? Never. That’s a very emphatic n-e-v-e-r! Never! But there are times when we bare practitioners (naturists/nudists) find ourselves in predicaments that are strange, unusual and funny! That’s what this post here is all about. The levity of life as a person who practices nudity, whether alone or as a social nudist.

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Rebels with a Cause: A story of two meandering naturists

Two people’s story of their naturist lives

The Meandering Naturist

My blog is just over five years old now, and after an incredibly busy year with great periods of sparsity for managing new posts with fresh topics, I’ve exploited a bit of down-time in recent weeks to catch up. In doing so, it occurs to me that people rarely click back beyond a page or two of a blog, if that. In the blogosphere, everything is more or less in present tense, until it simply ceases to exist altogether.

And thus, it occurs to me that my sudden influx of new readers  – resulting simply from a sudden increased presence amidst all things naturist on the internet – have little or no idea who we are, how we found our way into naturism, and why we would seek ways to promote such a thing.

photo91 First visit to La Jenny

Seems our story is unusual, as it was my wife who…

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Our First Trip Outside New York

A perfect day out!

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_6455For years, people — including our own members — have been telling us we needed to go to Gunnison, the nude beach in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. But it was in New Jersey! Even getting out members out to the beach in Brooklyn (Coney Island) or Queens (Riis) was hard. Gunnison is an hour and a half drive from the city, and almost none of our members have cars, for one thing. And yeah, there’s a ferry that can take you part of the way by water, but only part of the way, and then you have to get a bus, and the line can be long, and…

And we never went. For seven years.

But this year we finally did, and as everyone predicted, it was pretty wonderful.

IMG_6481IMG_6803IMG_6546IMG_6549Gunnison is a weird place. It’s in New Jersey but on federal land (a former military base…

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Yet another round of CRAZY on Ile du Levant!

Somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit since the 60’s when I first discovered nudism!

The Meandering Naturist

I have been to Ile du Levant twice in the past six months, once by myself over a weekend adjoining a business trip, then just a few weeks ago – again for a weekend – with my wife and daughter. An annual pilgrimage of sorts. It’s an incredibly serene, beautiful place, well removed from the hustle and bustle of Nice and Marseille. The South of France as one might imagine it before all the hoo-hah about Bridget Bardot and celebrities at St. Tropez. But the best part… it’s a naturist island! Ostensibly, people live there – or at least vacation there – to live naked on the day-to-day. In this author’s opinion, there’s scarcely a better place in the world to do that. At least, until the police municipale* arrive to write you up for… wait for it… BEING NAKED!!

*In my original post, I had referred to the police…

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The Conservatoire, Blackheath, 16 July 2018

Life drawing-an experience

steve ritter

Adult Art Showcase, Friday 20th July‘, proclaimed the notice on a sandwich board outside The Conservatoire, Blackheath. The free entry and a free glass of wine were tempting but what really caught my eye was the portion of a life drawing in the top left corner. Hey, that’s me! Drawn here by Gareth Williams on 4 December last year.

I wasn’t the only one surprised by the poster – neither tutor Victoria Rance or Gareth himself knew of its presence. Art, it seems, can obtain a life of its own. Come 7:30pm in 30C heat we were ready to make some more, starting with “warm-ups” of 1-minute, 1-minute, 1-minute (shoulder stand), 5-minutes (standing) and 10-minutes (seated).

Victoria gave me the honour of selecting the long pose. Having learned that this would be the last Monday life drawing of term, I asked whether at any previous session…

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