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Adam zoekt Eva is a Dutch television programme wherein a naked Adam is landed on a pacific island and then introduced to a naked Eve and, as far as I can see, it becomes an essay in seeing if the two can hit it off, romantically speaking. In order to spice things up a bit, another Adam (or another Eve) will be added to the mix.


Quite obviously it ‘works’ on the age-old cynical televisual equation of nudity = audience.

I believe that a German equivalent has also been made, and videos of full episodes are easily found online via the main video sharing platforms (along with hundreds of photographs). I watched a couple of the shows and I have to say that it’s quite possibly some of the dreariest time I’ve ever spent in front of a computer monitor because the premise of the show is flimsy, to say…

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Naked at the Abbey

Go and enjoy!

The Naked Truth continues...


There aren’t many places that allow you to strip off and enjoy grounds and the scenery but Abbey House in Wiltshire is one such place. Abbey House Gardens is a country house garden in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England, covering 5 acres. Privately owned, the gardens—but not the house itself—are open to the public seven days a week from late March until late October. It is one of the main tourist attractions in England’s oldest town.Abbey House dates from the 16th century, built on 13th century foundations, with some evidence of a substantial house on the site as early as the 11th century; in the ‘basement’ there also is a Saxon arch.It has been extensively renovated and extended since, particularly in Tudor times.


In 1994, Abbey House was bought by Ian and Barbara Pollard, who had previously owned and run Hazelbury Manor, another mansion near Box in Wiltshire. They set about…

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A different but valid point of view

Kerena Bamrolia

Following on from the previous post “Cover Up” I have been studying the reformed woman juxtaposed with the objectified woman. The fine line between the two is almost invisible, causing me to hit a wall in trying to separate the two. As a generation, we are desensitised by the media and how they casually sexualise women, breaking away from this ideology is not only necessary but significant in my photographic practise.

The thing is, I could argue that we are in a post-feminist society where something as natural as nudity shown in an image shouldn’t effect us. The counter argument stating that nudity, especially women, will always be sexualised. I believe that we are progressing to post-feminism, just not quite hit the target. After a recent critique, Cover Up was defined to inevitably sexualise, in turn having me question just how to de-sexualise an image with that aesthetic.

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My first nude run at the Naturist Foundation

Exercise clothes-free

Socks off

“See if you can beat Emma James!” crowed the Naturist Foundation via twitter last September,  knowing that I’m all over the web like a rash, sporty and I was booked in on the BHnude5K .

I groaned.  I might enjoy running but I’m so slow, my son can run faster than me backwards!  What I lose in speed, I gain in endurance but you wouldn’t have known it last September. I’d have given up half way through, if it wasn’t for the fact it was a race,

2014-09-21 2014-09-23 001 010

In recent years, my running has varied from spluttering starts to regular training.  At one stage I was running up to 2 hours 20 minutes.  That’s what I now strive for but I’m currently in spluttering mode, aided and abetted by insomnia.

I favour running solo, seeking out woods and trails like a bloodhound.  With my infamous sense of direction (ask my children Alice…

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World Naked Gardening Day

Love it!


You may or may not know that May 6th is in fact World Naked Gardening Day.

Being unable to take part in this serious and prestigious event at the allotment due to its proximity to large numbers of tourists with cameras and elderly other plot holders, Tom and I decided to take part in our garden at home. Cheerfully ignoring that fact that our garden is overlooked by an entire estate, including the vicar who lives two doors down. I’m not one for self-consciousness or prudery.

As you can see, it was very successful. Tom gave everything a good watering and I paid special attention to my basil and flower arrangements.


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Good Naked Morning: Naturism Promotes R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Living life respectfully

Clothing Optional

Good naked morning, Team Clothing Optional!

After about a week without internet, it’s great to finally be back, and able to blog in the buff on a weekend where there was nothing going on with work assignments. Friends, it’s great to relax nude on a Saturday morning and talk to you. That’s one thing that I think is great talking to fellow true nudists/naturists, when we’re stripped bare and comfortable in our flesh, we really get to better respect each other.

Friends, I know some of you have been following me for quite some time and know my story, but for those who don’t, I’m gonna talk a little about my naturist journey and relate it to the key topic in this blog post, RESPECT, and how naturism helps us become better people so we can better respect each other.

Respect for Myself and My Body

When I was younger…

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