Being Politically Correct (NSFW)

I so agree, I thought Bush was bad but Trump… well ****

ReNude Pride

Political correctness is an euphemism for being inclusive and polite, something the current leadership in the USA is totally unfamiliar with and a stranger to the ideal. I had promised myself that I would strive to remain aloof from politics on this site for the next four years (hopefully). Obviously, I have failed miserably in that endeavor.

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Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

Good thoughts on being naturally dressed in the outdoors

The Free Range Naturist

Jbee and DF choose naturism and nudity.  We feel free and natural, healthy, and wholesome. We are more aware, more in the moment, more spiritually free, when we are naked. We don’t wear clothing, unless we feel the need. We go nude, whenever that is possible. It is fun, cooler in the heat and altogether positive.

We are liberated and free to be nude in our domestic lives and in some social settings where we can be casually nude among friends.  We do what we can to live in liberation. Above all, we love the naturism of camping and hiking.  We seek remote places to explore with our bodies, mindfulness, and meditations. We experiment with the wonderment of our natural world, its relationship with our own nature and our spiritual consciousness.

Yet in this pursuit, we have another barrier to body freedom to break down.  When hiking, we occasionally encounter…

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Mixed Couples

Respecting each other’s choice!

ReNude Pride

In my warped and convoluted way of thinking – which I am among the first to admit is very nudecentric (nude-focused) – a mixed couple is nothing more than one partner in the relationship who prefers being bare and the other partner who prefers to be textile (clothed). That’s how I define a mixed couple. It’s not a judgment on the individuals who make up the couple, just a means of defining them – together. It’s how I view them as they relate to Aaron and myself.

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100 nudity ideas to increase nude time and nudist friends

A new idea to enjoy nakedness for the next 100 days1 Sounds great!

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

Image result for kitchen nakedI woke up this morning, went straight to the kitchen to drink my squeezed lemon juice and prepare the coffee as most morning. As usual, I was in my night clothes, which means, my own personal birthday suit. As I was fetching the coffee pot, the idea of writing every day for the next 100 days about how to get more nude time and more nudist friends came to mind.

Hey, it should be fun. Hard to come up with 100 ideas for sure, but fun and creative. I love pushing boundaries of creativity. One thing I’ve learned is to be more creative, you need to generate more ideas without any form of censorship. This way, ideas can bounce onto each others to create more ideas. So I had my idea and jumped on my PC to write those few words to you my reader.

Image result for nudist friendsI do not know what…

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Naked and Deactivated

A healthy blog

Sea Foaming


How did you fall in love with the nudist lifestyle?

When I was younger, I used to head down the surf coast a lot with my friends. I started dabbling with topless sunbathing, exploring the more secluded areas of the beach. I didn’t want to be… looked at in a certain way, and I wasn’t trying to be sexual, so I ended up at nude beaches, thinking people might be less inclined to stare.

In 2015, I was on a solo backpacking trip. At this stage, I’d spent the last few years visiting a lot of nude beaches, but in Montenegro that year I put my name down for WOOFING (free accomadation in exchange for work at a campsite/farm).

This place I signed up for – it was ‘eco friendly’, which I assumed was some sort of nature reserve. Turns out it was 

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I Forgot My Clothes!

Forget your clothes!

ReNude Pride

I’ve written here of my experience while as an undergraduate student at university of working as a nude model for the art classes there. For those who missed my earlier post, please click the following title for a direct link: Posing NudeOne aspect of my employment that I neglected to mention was a hazard of posing naked, although “hazard” is perhaps too negative a word to use.

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5 Reasons To Get Naked More Often

All very good reasons. I’m hooked!

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know I love when mainstream press or websites mention positively nudism and naturism. This article from MindBodyGreen is one of those. The author, Samantha Rose, explains in plain and simple words how she discovered social nudity in a spa in Austria and how it completely changed her mind regarded nudity. Without going into to many details around her story, here are the 5 reasons she explains in her article:

  1. “Perfect” is an illusion
  2. Being vulnerable in front of others is a good thing
  3. When you judge other people, you judge yourself
  4. When you become comfortable being naked, you’ll feel less inclined to wear makeup and heels
  5. Baring your bits to Mother Nature feels really good

I really think with all the discussions lately on body shame and beauty perfection, this is just spot on. It resonates even more coming from…

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About me and others – No Clothes Req!