Naturism = Escapism?

A well written rounded thoughtful article


Since its initial growth of popularity in post-War Europe, naturism—the practice of nonsexual social nudity—has been touted as a sort of antidote to many modern social ailments. When industry overtook cities with its smoke, factories and de-humanizing working conditions and World War I razed countrysides, people were searching for a return to nature, a return to being real, autonomous humans instead of working and fighting automatons. Then when naturism spread to North America, it offered a refreshing liberation from the regressive Puritanical ideals that had shaped Canada and the United States, along with a new perspective of human bodies outside of marketing and advertising. To be in nature was an escape from a culture that had removed humans as far as we had ever been from our natural environments. And to do that naked with others was to re-learn, in a way, what it meant to be human. To be…

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Climate Change, Capitalism and Naturism

Be green, be Eco, be Naturist


In her book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, Naomi Klein describes how the first effects of climate change began in 1833 when the British government abolished slavery and compensated slave owners for their loss of “property.” This money was directly invested into the Industrial Revolution, funding factories, railways and steamships. This infrastructure then fuelled further colonialism and the burning coal of the steamships and railways sending heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.

Climate change began with capitalism and the commodification of bodies. And we will not avoid climate catastrophe without addressing the root causes and restructuring all the systems of oppression that our world as we know it relies upon. As naturists who espouse values of respect for self, others and the environment, we need to be advocating for environmental and economic policies that protect people and the land.

Capitalism should be antithetical to the values of naturism…

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Naturist Images – Ego Versus Shadow

This I truly resonate with.See my reply.

Exposed and Vulnerable

As a man of a certain age, and then a bit older, there is no question that all of the parts of my body aren’t in the best of physical conditions. For many, if not most of the men in the age range of 50s to … well older … virility often becomes the subject of critical focus. Let’s face it, though we can “get it up” after a fashion, there is no ability to “wow” anyone, let alone ourselves. I am approaching this subject with a bit of trepidation as almost any and every conversation that touches upon “manhood” riles up both men and women. And too often, the topic itself is prone to have too many feel that they have been invited to share their “dick” pics, usually at full mast.

In the world of naturism/nudism, there appears to be more tolerance about casual nudity that is full…

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Naturism and the Inner Journey

Yes I feel To be Naked is to be Yourself, To be Naked in Nature is to be at Peace with the World

Exposed and Vulnerable

It’s that time of year when life as we know it begins to head south. The geese are already gorging themselves on scattered grains left over from passing combines. Frost has already paid a few visits resulting in damage and death as far as gardens are concerned. The one benefit, a psychological one, is the appearance of a vibrant display of colour on the trees and bushes. In our lives, this halfway point is coming later and later as our lifespan appears to be lengthening. When one thinks of the golden and red colours of autumn, it can symbolize those “golden” years of our lives when so many things have come to fruition. It is usually with a surge of gratitude that we enter the journey into the second half of life.

As always, there is a caveat that bares heeding during these golden years. The journey forward becomes, needs…

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Tips for nudism to practice during the autumn/winter

Yes even in winter without wind chill it’s quite refreshing to be outdoors naked, my min temp is about 5C, though I’ve walked in the snow just with boots on!

My Blog

Summer is about to be over for the Northern Hemisphere. This means the cooler weather is coming, and for those of us in the northern part of the world, more clothes to wear again. So, it means that nudism is not going to be suitable for the Northern Hemisphere to do much outside until at least some six more months. But nudism is not just for the warm weather or the summertime. Nudism, in fact, is for all year long.

For anyone living in a tropical climate, nudism is good for the whole year with swimming nude all year long. But nudism is so good that it’s definitely more common to want to practice it all year long no matter the place a nudist lives in. And here are tips for how to practice nudism for the cool to cold weather.

A nude spa is a great idea. Why swim…

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Forest Bathing

This is wonderful, natural, sensual, perfect.


The healing powers of nature have been known since before we even had words to describe them. From ancient cultures that revered the land they depended on, to early herbalists and gardeners, humans have always understood that time spent in nature improved mental, physical and spiritual health. Modern science is catching up and providing the language to articulate these benefits, which can be achieved through practices like earthing. Naturism, too, developed in part because of the documented positive effects of sunlight on skin.

Another practice—one which seems so simple and obvious—is forest bathing.

Forest bathing—also known as nature therapy or ecotherapy—was formally developed as a restorative practice in Japan in the 1980s, as shinrin-yoku. It’s a broad set of techniques and treatments based on the simple fact that spending time in a natural setting—ideally a forest—can vastly improve your health. Numerous studies in recent years have linked shinrin-yoku…

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Great to get out skindressed!

A Clothes Free Blog

Check list for walking up the mountains,
Walking Boots – Yep
Checklist Conplete!!!

I was due to go to Vera Playa in Spain in the middle of September for my holidays this year, but COVID put an end to that. So, with some leave booked off, I decided to look for some spots to enjoy at home in the later part of the summer. The summer in Northern Ireland has been very poor after a great spring (of course when we were all locked in our houses!!) so a chance to grab some last minute dry and warm weather was the hope rather than the expectation.

I journied out to County Fermanagh in the West of Northern Ireland hoping to find some really nice walks and stayed on a small island in the middle of Lough Erne. The accommodation for the few days I was there was lovely, food was…

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Bold and Boulder

Great to see these women standing up (or sitting down!) for equality.

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

Even a city as densely packed as New York has some secluded spots where a girl can get some sun in privacy, or close to it. A few clearings in the northern reaches of Central Park, for instance, are remote enough that we’ve enjoyed them Emperor’s New Clothes-style. (What, you don’t see our bathing suits? But they’re woven of the finest transparent silk!)

But perhaps our favorite secluded spot is this enormous boulder in Riverside Park, on the far West Side, overlooking the Hudson.

It’s tucked away among the trees without any signage to point you to it, and even if you stumble onto the narrow dirt path that takes you there, you can’t see anyone lying on top of the rock if you’re standing on the ground. And who would go to the trouble of climbing to the top of an enormous boulder?

Well, we would. Because once you…

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Why Nudism is good for Humanity

Great article, how much more we could live at peace if clothes were not involved…

The Nude Philosopher


We all know humans are the most different and unique creatures on this earth. Not because we are the smartest, but because for some long-forgotten reason we choose to wear clothes. Most people wear clothes for reasons even they hardly understand, but I will discuss those reasons in some other post. Now I want to discuss how if we choose to embrace nudism and live a nudist lifestyle it could very much drastically change our perspective towards others and ourselves.

You see when we see people in clothes around us daily, every person looks completely different. Some are red, some are blue, some have loose fitting clothes, some are tight. It makes our brain subconsciously think that we are living among the very different species than us since everyone looks different. This subconscious brain also has an effect on our conscious brain in that we don’t really feel any connection…

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