8 ecological positive effects of naturism


I would add that it contributes peace and harmony to the world,instead of violence and destruction!

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Nudism plus nature equals naturism. Ecologists want to protect nature to give our children a clean Earth. Although each of us may have a different point of view on ecology, here are 8 positive effects naturism has on ecology.

  1. Naturists wash less. We wear less clothes, therefore we need to wash less and consume less detergent.
  2. Naturists purchase less clothes. We wear less, we need less, and we purchase less. Bleaching, synthetic materials, transportation put a tax on the planet. By consuming less clothes, we reduce our footprint.
  3. Naturists tend to be more nature conscious. Naturism contains nature in the world. We can see a lot of discussions on green products and behavior on naturist’s forum. I tend to think this is linked to our sensitivity to nature and fragility of the human being.
  4. World Naked Bike Rides are naturist events that do not contribute to increasing greenhouse effect. Riding…

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Nudists Increasing The Bottom Line For ‘Nakationing’


It is 50+yrs since my “1st time” on a beach naked and free,I’ve lost count of the places I’ve been naked!

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I love to read about nudism in mainstream media. This helps to change people’s perception on naturism and to help getting nudism seen as normal by as many people as possible. This one is from the Hartford Courant, the biggest newspaper in Connecticut and “recognized as the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States”, as per Wikipedia.

It’s a very positive article that gives an overview of nudism through the eye of a textile and includes the point of view of the Sun Ridge resort’s owner. I liked the tone of the article, giving a true and positive view of what nudism is. I particularly enjoyed this quote: “First-timers are a little apprehensive, but once they try it, they like the freedom it offers.” Because at the end of the day, this what nudists love: the freedom to be themselves entirely nude and doing what they like without clothing.


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History of the invention of clothing | The Naturist Page


I wouln’t have thought that sexual reasons were behind clothing 60,000 yrs ago, could be status and practicality who knows?

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6a00d8341bf67c53ef0147e15378f3970b-500wi[1] Clothing/body lice There is a study that I was reading and says that Humans First Wore Clothing 170,000 Years Ago, some time after the second-to-last Ice Age that made living the nude life a little too cold for comfort. Before this time, clothing lice or body lice were non-existent until clothing came about in humans. Clothing lice first began to genetically diverge from human head lice. Needless to say, humans are responsible for causing the evolutionary process of head lice into clothing/body lice some 170,000 years ago. (long after humans lost their ape-like body hair.)

Neanderthal_2D[1] 100,000 years ago In Africa, humans survived for hundreds and thousands of years without clothing or body hair because of the practice of using fire when it became cold. It was only when clothing was invented that made it possible to invent new tools and migrate to colder or higher latitudes some 100,000 to 60,000 years…

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