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Anne Robinson treated the naturist couple with respect and went out in a local park with them to test people’s acceptance of nudity!


Although the video takes place in Britain. It’s easy enough to say this would happen anywhere around the globe. The thing is, everyone has their own views on body image. Some have their extre… Source: [Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page

via [Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page — All Nudist

I am watching this on iPlayer bit by bit and have seen the segment with Anne’s visit to the home of the naturist Bedford couple and was so pleased to see, despite those strange cloudy things in front of tits and bits, how well this was done and how their natural lifestyle was treated with such an air of normalcy. Anne Robinson’s attitude was excellent and her summary at the end of that segment was so good. I won’t spoil it…

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What I Learned Spending a Day at a Nudist Resort

Being naked with others is liberating and good!

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

A nice article about a nudist experience: What I Learned Spending a Day at a Nudist Resort. Although as a long time naturist a day naked has a different ending. Here are some highlights of this article:

  • Pubic hair is out. Definitely not entirely true but by being naked among other naked people, we realize a lot of people get rid of their pubic hair for sure.
  • Scrotum piercings, however, TOTALLY IN and people are hiding insane tattoos. I think that most nudist don’t care about other people piercing and tattoos, but yes being naked reveal everything.
  • The difference in human bodies is staggering. And this is great for body acceptance!
  • Being told you look younger isn’t a compliment when you’re naked. Not really sure about this one.
  • It’s easier to be friendly when you’re naked. Definitely a great characteristic of nudists.
  • Swingers and fetishists overlap with nudists, but they’re not the…

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Naturist home renovator Rob Jenner is arrested – again

No harm has come to anyone seeing him nude,why the fuss?


In this news report in Kent Online it seems that naturist Rob has again been victimised by neighbouring prudes and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.

Or, alternatively

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that exhibitionist Jenner has again been fittingly reported by righteously-offended neighbours for his anti-social behaviour and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.


Whichever way you care to look at it, and I take the first view, this is great news for the press and bad news for Rob. The prudes seem, unfortunately, to be winning – for now.

I don’t advocate for the freedom to be naked whenever and wherever we please. That’s too much of a stretch in today’s world. But I do advocate for the right to be naked in the privacy my own property and anywhere that my nudity is unlikely to cause…

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Matt Granger – nudes in London 2015

Nudity in public no great deal!

steve ritter

“GO NUDE OR GO HOME” shouted the sign, adding provocatively: #getnudenow. The innocent barista at Nude Espresso who chalked those words on a board outside their Soho Square café probably didn’t anticipate that guerrilla naked-art performers might be passing that day, but when photographer Matt Granger invited volunteer models to join him at the square, there could be only one outcome…

Ropemakers Field

I’d begun August 2015 in the Netherlands as part of Matt’s group poses outside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Come the middle of the month, he’d returned to London for photography workshops and two further mass nude urban shoots. These would be his first in the capital since the previous year’s gathering on the Millennium Bridge. Shoot number one would be early on 14 August, at Ropemakers Field.


SHOOT 1: Friday 14 August 2015, 5:45am at Ropemakers Field, Westferry. Meet at the entrance off Brightlingsea Place – Street View

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Will Americans ever “get out” of the Nudist Colony?

I love France for nudism!

The Meandering Naturist

As we near the end of a five week nakation in Europe, I find myself asking the same question I do every year about this time as we prepare to return to our everyday lives in the eastern United States. Really? Aren’t there places we can replicate this at home? I keep reading that more Americans than ever are open to the idea of social nudity. But unless you get on The Big Nude Boat or travel abroad, where do you find this on American soil.

51ac37fe6e30c4a7f1cf9958feecac44Every time I bark up this tree, I draw the ire of those lovingly devoted to their home nudist clubs, who feel understandably irritated when I suggest that despite all the cultural barriers that make social nudity unfathomable to the average American in the first place, the movement is further hindered by the fact that we make that first naturist venture nearly insurmountable.


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Naturism & parenting

Brilliant words

Bare Thoughts

As you all know, I didn’t grew up with naturism. But when I heard in December of 2014 that I was gonna be a father, it was very clear to me that naturism was gonna be a big part of how I was raising my daughter. When I look at young families on resorts like Flevonatuur, I notice a lot of differences between children growing up with naturism and children growing up without it. I’ll try to describe those differences and explain why I think it’s important that children, the future keepers of this planet, should get involved with naturism.

Now, I know that for a lot of people this will be a no-go subject. It’s not. If you read all my previous blogs or did some research about naturism in general, you’ll know that naturism doesn’t harm anyone. This goes for normal social nudity like on the nude beaches…

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Ex-British Soldier now works as a naked carpenter.

A nice man being hounded by inconsiderate people


Article courtesy of The Daily Mail (UK Newspaper).

‘I’m always careful not to get splinters’: Ex-soldier, 42, now works as a NAKED carpenter

  • Robert Jenner regularly renovates his Kent home in nothing but his boots
  • The naturist, 42, is ‘not a bad-looking chap’ according to some neighbours
  • However others have complained to the police, leaving him with an ASBO

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3784109/Ex-soldier-42-works-NAKED-carpenter-m-careful-not-splinters.html#ixzz4KhOUxJjR

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A carpenter claims he likes to feel the breeze while hammering his wood – in nothing but his work boots.

Naturist Robert Jenner works as a carpenter and is ‘not a bad-looking chap’, according to neighbours who regularly see him renovating his home.

The 42-year-old is always careful when using power tools ‘in case of splinters’ and he says he likes the sense of freedom and liberation that naturism brings.

But the former soldier is concerned he may now…

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