Heroes of naturism #2: Melanie Roberts

An inspired woman

Naked Historia

I’m guessing that a few or you were thinking, “Who?” until you noticed the photo below, at which time it became quite obvious who Melanie Roberts is.  She was the woman who joined Stephen Gough in walking the 874 miles from Land’s end to John O’Groats naked back between 2005 and 2006.  With the repeated arrests and continued imprisonment of Gough, Melanie’s contribution has tended to be forgotten.


Stephen is a well known and controvertial figure who has been in the news a lot.  Some people consider him a hero whilst others question his sanity.  His wife left him over his public nudity and his refusal to dress has led him to spend most of the last decade in one prison or another.  There are naturists who think he is doing naturism more harm than good.  His most recent imprisonment is definitely a travesty.  I admire Gough but sometimes question…

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Getting Nude and Looking Beneath the Skin

True thoughts of a great man

Exposed and Vulnerable

It’s Sunday morning and the weather is pleasant with a bit of sunshine, a breeze of 14km/h, and a temperature of -9. For the first time in a month, I felt like going outside for another photo which I bring to you here. Obviously, I could have taken a few extra moments to have my hair tidy, but it just didn’t seem all that important. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if one lets one’s hair down and allows for a less-than-perfect presentation. After all, who really cares? It’s not like I need to make a good impression as far as my appearance is concerned. I am not looking to capture someone’s attention in order to perhaps have a relationship. I mean, who would ever be interested in a 71 year old man living in a northern climate, especially one who is introverted and not the most attentive to social conventions?


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Transparent Self, Naked Self, Self-Disclosure

I definitely feel that without clothing I am the real self and hiding behind clothing makes me behave and communicate differently.I don’t care if people around me are clothed or naked, as long as they accept that I want to behave in my own way

Exposed and Vulnerable

Emma, like myself and so many others who choose to see themselves beneath their clothing, are risking so much with the acts of disrobing and being naked. Are we really being ourselves? It is as if we have set aside the filters that have been coded into our lives as we grew up into adulthood. Many are in search of self. How often do we hear grown adults state that they need time to find themselves? Typically, that search for self is a journey that only leads further and further from the intended destination of self-discovery. As well, we often find ourselves on the outs with the larger society for what we discover about ourselves.

Over the years, as I have studied and worked with human psychology, I have come to realise that most people really don’t want to do the work of self-discovery, regardless of their claims…

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The War Against the Naked Human Body

I feel that my need to be free and represent myself as I want to be without man made coverings.

Exposed and Vulnerable

The war against the human body, especially against women such as Joy.

Make no mistake about it. Western society has declared war on the human body. The war had been declared decades ago, but now, it appears that those who have the real power, are threatened by simple nudity that has no sexual intent. And, that war is amplified when women embrace the freedom of being transparently themselves. My friend, Emma, is the latest to suffer the consequences of being fearless as a leader in this war against oppression. Joy is another friend who has been targeted by misogynists. The last thing any good, god-fearing misogynist wants to see is a woman who things and does for herself.

When it comes to Twitter, sexualised nudity is acceptable, especially if it is tied with a profitable enterprise. Open up an account at Patreon or OnlyFans and your content is not…

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Spencer Tunick in Valencia – April 2019

The sheer normality of nudity


I have taken part in Spencer Tunick’s art installations before & I love both the experience & the resulting art, so when I heard he was coming to Valencia I didn’t hesitate to book some cheap Ryanair flights direct from my home in Ireland.

Through previous installations and the Spencer Valencia dedicated Facebook page I met with some friends old & new including two other friends from Ireland for a meal the night before. There was a real international flavor to our group with people from Russia, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Brazil & Ireland all having a good time with no politics at all. There was much speculation about what Spencer had planned and several of us had spotted a few cherry pickers (raised platforms) around the city but as usual none of us really knew what Spencer had planned.

The morning of the installation we met in Centre…

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Naturism = Escapism?

A well written rounded thoughtful article


Since its initial growth of popularity in post-War Europe, naturism—the practice of nonsexual social nudity—has been touted as a sort of antidote to many modern social ailments. When industry overtook cities with its smoke, factories and de-humanizing working conditions and World War I razed countrysides, people were searching for a return to nature, a return to being real, autonomous humans instead of working and fighting automatons. Then when naturism spread to North America, it offered a refreshing liberation from the regressive Puritanical ideals that had shaped Canada and the United States, along with a new perspective of human bodies outside of marketing and advertising. To be in nature was an escape from a culture that had removed humans as far as we had ever been from our natural environments. And to do that naked with others was to re-learn, in a way, what it meant to be human. To be…

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Climate Change, Capitalism and Naturism

Be green, be Eco, be Naturist


In her book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, Naomi Klein describes how the first effects of climate change began in 1833 when the British government abolished slavery and compensated slave owners for their loss of “property.” This money was directly invested into the Industrial Revolution, funding factories, railways and steamships. This infrastructure then fuelled further colonialism and the burning coal of the steamships and railways sending heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.

Climate change began with capitalism and the commodification of bodies. And we will not avoid climate catastrophe without addressing the root causes and restructuring all the systems of oppression that our world as we know it relies upon. As naturists who espouse values of respect for self, others and the environment, we need to be advocating for environmental and economic policies that protect people and the land.

Capitalism should be antithetical to the values of naturism…

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