Great to see common sense prevail

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South Africa took a giant leap forward this weekend with the opening of the rainbow nation’s first ever official nudist beach.

A 500-metre stretch of Mpenjati beach, found about 140km south of Durban, received local government approval last year to become an official nudist venue.

South Africa has been home to unofficial nude beaches for decades, such as Cape Town’s famous Sandy Bay. But it is thanks to the hard work of the South African National Naturist Association that this has finally become a reality.

“It feels a bit like a long road to freedom, but we’re very happy. We’re ecstatic actually and very proud,” said Serge Pavlovic, chairperson of SANNA.

Christo Bothma, chairperson of the KZN naturist association added, “We’re very excited and over the moon with the opening”.



The association and Hibiscus Coast Municipality officially launched the nudist-friendly beach over the Easter weekend. Last-minute…

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Cameron believes that saving ‘the tax payer’ money is more important than saving lives.


I make no apology for posting this – Cameron appointed the immoral twisted lying Iain Duncan Smith to “reform” benefits system

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rich keep millons

The following is from a very revealing transcript of David Cameron’s interview with Andrew Marr earlier today.

Cameron implied that dying is somehow an appropriate punishment for failing to attend an interview at the Jobcentre, in order to save “the tax payer” money. Cameron thinks that taxing the wealthy is “immoral,”  but evidently, formulating policies that cause the death of vulnerable citizens is acceptable. Cameron made it plain that he has no intention of carrying out a policy review, or of investigating the growing number of deaths correlated with the conservative party’s welfare cuts.

He showed a complete lack of remorse and basic compassion for David Clapson (and his family,) who died as a direct consequence of the cruel sanction regime that Cameron introduced as part of benefit conditionality,  which is now an integral part of the wider welfare “reforms.”

 THE ANDREW MARR SHOW, BBC 19.4.15 (Full transcript…

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Naked in the very welcome April sunshine.


A nie natural nudist enjoying spring!

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Today the wind is still blowing quite strongly and it’s approximately 16 – 17 degrees Celsius, not ideal weather for outdoors naturism, but when you live in the UK you learn to embrace our rapidly changing weather and enjoy any moment you can.

Since we moved to our bungalow I planned ahead and planted a row of conifers along one side and tall shrubs and a Japanese Maple (Acer) along the other sides mainly to provide privacy and that feeling of being enveloped in greenery, an oasis of calm in a suburban residential area. The side effect of this planting has created wind-breaks and almost a mini-climate, I find even on relatively cool days I can still enjoy our garden naked thanks to the shelter the conifers and shrubs have created. Mother Nature is incredibly beautiful and useful providing we work with it and not against it.

A few photos…

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The Naked Truth


Once tried always followed!

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WARNING:  I hate the thought of offending anyone, so if you do not want to read about lots of man-parts and lady-parts, please come back on a different day.

I considered not writing this at all, but an author-friend of mine said, “Are you crazy? All that fabulous material – and you aren’t going to use it???”  She had a point.

I also wrote a completely different version of this experience – concentrating on the silliest aspects. I’ve always prided myself on my superior silliness skills. But after I re-read what I had written, I thought it was too trivial – even for me – the Queen of Trivial.

Sure I can play it for laughs. But I think there is something to SAY.

So here goes.

When my husband and I vacationed in Jamaica recently, we took a side trip. We got ourselves a day pass to a…

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My naked morning run – dare, enjoy, and share


I love this!

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This morning, the sun was shining and my mood was joyful. It was the ideal time to go for a run in the best possible suit: none. After a simple breakfast with the family, I put my trail shoes on (no five fingers this morning, I need a new pair), a cap, my GPS and grabbed my pareo to be able to cross some roads, then on I went.

Although it was a little chilly and my body reacted showed some goosebumps, I was feeling well. After around 500 meters, getting warmer and entering the forest, I took away, folded my pareo and tucked it under my cap. I was naked in nature for the next hour or so. I was alone in the forest, accompanied by birds, a light wind and the rising sun, which from time to time lightened my path and warmed my body.

The best was yet…

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Tech Advice – Nudity and Public Storage…


Why use the cloud when portable 1tb hard drives are now so cheap

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No, I am not posting pictures of people getting naked at Public Storage, but I am talking about your nudes and public storage websites.  I.e., the website services that offer to host your digital files.  Often included with companies such as Apple (iCloud), Microsoft (One Drive), Google (Google Drive), etc…  My concern, or my worry is that we the public are not aware that just because we password protect our log-ins, these companies have full rights and privileges to look at our files without so much as a given the user notice.

It is that aspect that bothers me.  It would seem that everyone out there is against storing nude images, or sexualized images.  To some extent, I do understand.  There are legal aspects to it and many companies just do not want anything to do with so they make a blanket all encompassing statement “You will not upload, post…

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