Cochise Stronghold and the Great Mushroom Hunt: Part III

How wonderful to be so free in nature, true naturism.

The Free Range Naturist


Next Morning:

We are at Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains. We have a wonderful campsite and have hiked to the pass on the previous day. The story of that is in two parts is here:

Cochise Stronghold I

And here:

Cochise Stronghold II

After a short sunrise wander, we wake again, just before the morning begins to warm. The tent is already heating up.

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6 Powerful Lessons From ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’


Think & Explore

“Man’s Search For Meaning”(1946), authored by psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, is one of the greatest books of all time. This book is the collection of Frankl’s experiences as an inmate in Nazis extermination camps during World War II. Frankl, as a prisoner in camp, deeply thought about the ‘meaning of life’ in those circumstances of horrific, humiliating, torturing and defiling treatment by Hitler’s troops towards inmates. In this book, Frankl recommends us to find ‘meaning in life’ rather than power and pleasure. Here I listed some of the greatest lessons I have learned from “Man’s Search For Meaning”. I hope these can be helpful to you in your life journey.

(1) Find the purpose in your life !

Life can feel like empty, futile and vain, when we actually don’t see its purpose. The very existence of our lives can be understood by finding our purpose and meaning in this world. When…

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Cochise Stronghold I

Wow! True Natural Hiking

The Free Range Naturist


Cochise Stronghold is a part of the habitat of the Chiricahua Apaches. When settlers began to make their way into the area, destroying the lives of those who lived there, a “war” eventually broke out.

To put it briefly, Apache raids could be conducted from these safe rugged mountains. Cochise, who was initially prone to a peace, found himself accused of a crime. Then, members of his family were taken hostage. He then saw futility. There were white betrayals, which lead to more decades of war.

Eventually, Cochise died and was secretly buried in these mountains.

As I walk through this incredible landscape of fortress-like boulders and hoodoos, I watch water leach out of rocks and then stream down them. I sit in the shade of many types of trees and consider the abundance hidden here. I hold thoughts of Apache lives. I ponder some nebulous foreign peoples beginning…

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The Best Community

Naked community spirit

The Full Vermonty

When you’re at a nudist destination, you share common cause with everyone there. Perhaps that’s why everyone is so nice and conversation flows among strangers easily.

I think about my time on clothed beaches or really at any destination where I’ve taken some leisure time. In those spaces, we keep to ourselves, one of hundreds of ships passing in the night. Think about it. Do you just start up a conversation with random people you see at the park or a beach? People would look at you suspiciously, wouldn’t they?

But when you’re at a nudist destination, you’ve all worked really hard to get there for one specific purpose. You’re probably all keeping your activities at some level a secret. And so, it’s a relief to be among people who hold the same values you do, at least in terms of practicing nudism. These are your people.

A common…

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Bare Proud and Ambiguous!

Wonderful to be bare and proud!

ReNude Pride

Those of us who are bare practitioners (naturists or nudists) have enough common sense to know that it isn’t possible to be clothes-free outdoors all year long. Even those who live along the Equator, where the air temperatures rarely fluctuate, have to contend with other factors such as precipitation and wind. Both indoors and outside, our human bodies are able to offer each of us a reason to be confident in who and what we are, bare members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community (GLBTQ)!

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Halloween Prelude #2: Bare Body Canvas

Skin as canvas….

ReNude Pride

Our skin covers and protects our bodies. Few people realize that it serves another equally important purpose – that of a living canvas for our noble expressions of creative art. Since the beginning of time, humanity have used our bodies as a natural inspiration for both design and interpretation. We decorate it to share our own messages and stories, both fact and fiction. We use it to caution and warn, to amuse and to frighten or to beautify for the admiration of others

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Naturism and my online presence: A Positive Light?

On being an online presence…naturally naked.

Naturist Fab

Recently, I decided to open up and take ownership about naturism and put my name on my social media accounts. I did this because firstly, I am not ashamed of being nude and being in forced “retirement” I don’t have the fear of repercussions from an employer.

If people happen to come across my nude photos, so be it. Naturism is not for everyone and if someone asks me about it, I will answer honestly, I love the freedom of not being encumbered by clothing.

Some might ask, but why have nude pictures of myself and if I’m an exhibitionist. Naturism is not about exhibitionism and promoting nudity in daily situations that most do while wearing clothes. Naturism isn’t sexual and if I happen to post nude pictures of myself online it’s all about the context and message of body acceptance.

Others might say, “but do you have to show…

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About me and others – No Clothes Req!