04wYvQnThere is nothing like being on my bike wearing nothing but a smile! Out in the countryside clothes off sun and air and nature all around me!


On the Shorne peninsular along the Thames – and on the cycleway!




Can’t wait for summer!

Seeing the World from your Birthday Suit

Explore the world…Naked

A Clothes Free Blog

One thing I love to do is travel, I don’t like sitting in the house all day long when I’m off from work. I enjoy the warm weather so I tend to travel to warmer climates. I’ve only managed to visit one naturist area while I have been on my holidays, most of the time is confined to my hotel home or balcony. However, I’m getting more and more interested in exploring nature in my birthday suit and being able to show that. Here are some examples of naturists enjoying what the world has to offer: –




Can you imagine being in these places? Wonderful views of the world, mountains, rivers, forests and rainbows. For us, being naked in these places is pure bliss. These photos are inspirational to me, to go out and just enjoy what the world has to offer. Live for the moment, take it all in…

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Bottom’s Up! End of January, 2019

I’ve enjoyed Bottomsup day!

ReNude Pride

It makes no difference where we live, whether in the Southern Hemisphere and enjoying the excitement of the Summer season or in the Northern Hemisphere and trying to survive the cold and dreary doldrums of the Winter, there’s always an opportunity to strip off our gear and bare our buttocks! Regardless of snow or sunshine, taking off our clothes and hanging out naked is more of a social occasion as it is a favorite recreation.

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Carr Peak…Perfect! Part III: THE RETURN:

What a hike! Wow

The Free Range Naturist


We have been up Carr Peak in the Huachuca Mountains. There could be a chance of rain on this mountaintop. We have a downhill walk after a long days hiking in wonderment.

The previous Part I can be found here:

Carr Peak…Perfect!

and Part II:

Carr Peak…Perfect! Part II

When it feels like time to return, I look to see what is happening with that large storm out west. It seems to be heading down into Mexico and might pass south of us. We haven’t brought our rain ponchos, Arizonans that we are. We speculate the chill that a storm like that could have on our unprotected bodies. We’ll keep one eye open.

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To Pledge To Being Bare

I took the pledge a long time ago!

ReNude Pride

As we are now into the dawn of a new year, those reading here who have felt a curiosity about nudity but always hesitated about giving it a try, make a promise to yourselves now to experience it in 2019! If you’ve often wondered about being a bare practitioner (naturist or nudist), why just think about it? Give it a try! Better to learn if it’s something that you enjoy now rather than sit back and just think about it. There’s no time like the present!

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Carr Peak…Perfect! Part II

True naturism…..at one with nature!

The Free Range Naturist


We’re walking up Carr Peak in the Huachuca Mountains. This day trip is exploratory and an experiment to gather full confidence to backpack to Miller Peak before the season’s end our opportunities.

Last week, we began our foray up Carr Peak, which may be found here:

Carr Peak…Perfect!

We are about to venture into one of the most astounding moments of a lifetime…naked.

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Enhance your life with nudity?

Very good points raised much food for thought!

Naturist Philosopher

So, you’re reading this now. Perhaps you were just randomly browsing. Or used a search engine. Or followed a link you came across on Twitter or Facebook. In any case, if you’re still reading, it’s not unfair to assume you’re interested in the topic, or at least curious about it. So I’ll assume that.

Perhaps, in fact, you have personal reasons for wondering and learning more about nudism or naturism. To be clear, I generally use those terms interchangeably, since there’s little agreement about how they differ. Sometimes I’ll also use “social nudity”, which means being naked in a group (of any size) of people who’re also comfortable with being naked around others. That’s a little more general than either “nudism” or “naturism”, which to some people suggest simply enjoying being naked in the privacy of your own home.

There could be several reasons why social nudity arouses your curiosity…

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