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Totally right!

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IMG_3641We love our long-time members, they’re the backbone of our group. Plus they’re our dear friends and we miss them when we don’t see them for too long. But we also love meeting new people! Especially people who love to read, like us, and whom we can introduce to some of the lurid reading material our club is known for.

With the advent of late-July weather (aka “heat”), we have more women contacting us and saying they’re sick to death of walking through the park in two layers (Bra? Check! Tank top? Check!) when all the men around them are waving their nipples and pecs in the open air. And we’re always glad to welcome them. This past Monday, we met up on the lawn right behind Columbus Circle and welcomed several first timers to our not-so-secret society. (Quick aside: if you’re curious and might like to join us sometime, just write…

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International Naturist Federation Statement!


Nude is NOT rude!

Originally posted on Recked with Finn West:

Hi everyone,

Below you will find a Press release from International Naturist Federation released today 16-07-2015 worldwide.

Stay nude!


Naturist anti-censorship statement

The International Naturist Federation opposes all censorship of the natural human body. Nudity is a fundamental expression of naturism. The human body in its natural state is neither indecent nor obscene. As evidenced by over a century of naturist experience and an abundance of scholarly research, mere nudity is not inherently any more sexual than a body concealed by clothing.

We are particularly concerned about increasing censorship of nudity in social media. Services such as Facebook have become so ubiquitous that they are effectively public spaces. We urge governments to regulate these services to secure free speech and prevent the suppression of ideas through ethnocentric censorship policies.

What is Naturism?
Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity…

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Why France is such a great place to get naked.


France gets my vote too! ..

Originally posted on The Meandering Naturist:

So we’ve been in Europe for about five weeks now. Four weeks in France, and now, several days in Greece.

Headed for the port on Ile du Levant Headed for the port on Ile du Levant

Much of the time in France this summer was work related, though we were able to steal away for a couple nights on the magical Ile du Levant, and carved out a week at our “go to” place, La Jenny, before jetting off to the dependably blue skies and turquoise seas of Greece. We like getting naked in Greece, and in Croatia, and if the conditions are right, in the Caribbean and Germany as well. But at the end of the day, France gets the prize.

If we’re going strictly from a meteorological point of view, even the best parts of France can be tricky. Get a cold front on the Atlantic coast, or a severe dose of the Mistral…

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Benefits of Naked Yoga


It IS the most natural way!

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It started as a part of Indian yoga philosophy where members would undress themselves both physically and spiritually from all material possessions, sexual desires and anything physical of this world. So freeing!!


Naked yoga then trailed to Europe through naturist movements in Germany and Switzerland and to North America in the early 60’s building a bit of steam from the hippie movement. It was even depicted in serval movies from the 60’s and 70’s!


1. Feeling Good. Feel good about your body. One of the key aspects of one’s self-esteem is body acceptance. Achieving that is tough when your mind is flooded with the media’s images of what society is lead to believe is beautiful. What if you saw for yourself what other people look like naked and could see they have exactly what you have – every lump, bump, scar or mark? It may be…

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The Banner of Rosenhall – Part 1 – Chapter One (1)


A great read, naked or clothed!

Originally posted on All Things Rabyd:

The spray from the ocean crept over the bow of the Nordic long ship making my face have a cold light dampness as I stared out over the water toward my destination.  My bright red hair billowed in the stiff wind from behind and I constantly had to move the stands from my face to see but the sight was a glorious one.  Thankfully the main body of my hair was braided down to the middle of my back. I would cut it but my father loved it long like this.  I wonder though if practicality will eventually make a way through a daughter’s love for her dead father and I would cut it shorter.  Right now though I might cut it purely for the desire for my green eyes to see my destination clearly.

Ahead of me was the sight I had journeyed two weeks to see.  The City of Ragnar, capital of the Nordic…

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Naturism, mindfulness and enjoying life in the moment…


Reelax, without clothes, enjoy!

Originally posted on naturistmartin:

It’s a wet but warm July day here in Southern England, I’m enjoying a lazy day indoors, clothes free with a nice mug of tea and a good book.

Sometimes life can be so over-complicated, it’s nice to just pause, relax and enjoy simple things like reading a book and enjoying a cup of tea.
I recently read my first book about Mindfulness and it struck a chord with me, the idea of using your mind more, being more aware of yourself, your surroundings, how you feel right now, the taste of a drink, the sounds of birds outside… All happening but technology and modern stressful life has made us rush everything, always dwelling on what’s to come rather than enjoying the present. It’s a powerful feeling when you harness and practice mindfulness.

imageI’m going to practice more mindfulness and look out for more blog articles from me on this…

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