Thoughts on ‘Normalising Genitalia’

Discussion not taboo!


My boyfriend recently commented to me, after I’d been discussing how awful it was that people still couldn’t talk about their sex organs, that I didn’t need to make it my personal life mission to normalise talking about genitalia. Well, I thought, maybe I do. This post may not earn me friends, but here it goes.

I’ve never really bought by the idea that there is anything that you ‘shouldn’t’ discuss in front of other people. The time I got told off by my mother for mentioning periods in front of my brother when I was 9 or 10 sticks strongly in my memory – why should I have been made to feel ashamed of being a girl? Why should this thing be private from my brothers? As a teenager I don’t doubt I enjoyed the shock factor I would get for being happy to talk about anything, and have…

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Orlando Bloom – what’s all the fuss about?

Absolutely true!


Well another famous actor goes naked and gets photographed….so what?

I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Okay Orlando is a good looking guy, he’s a famous actor and perhaps most people have not seen him naked, but come on people he’s got a penis the same as every other male on the planet….

I think Orlando is just practicing his right to enjoy his holiday naked, good for him I say. At least he’s not ashamed of his body and frightened of the fact that his naked photos might be all over the Internet.

If we don’t take a stand here and support Orlando, we are deceiving ourselves as naturists, we promote being naked in a non-sexual setting, enjoying the natural right to bare our bodies. Orlando is practicing that right….

Well done Orlando. Let’s hope more famous people are not ashamed to be seen naked…

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When I get home my clothes come off…

The best way to live


When I get home, one of the first things I like to do (apart from putting the kettle on) is taking all my clothes off. I’ve been a naturist for many years and still nothing beats that feeling of taking off all your clothes and letting your skin breathe, it’s complete relaxation and helps my health conditions. You can literally feel the stress disappearing with your clothes.

We are luck to have a very private garden which is not overlooked at all so when the weather is fine I can enjoy pottering about naked.

It’s wonderful, not sexual, just pure freedom.

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My first encounter with naturism.  — Clothing Optional

A 1st timer’s account

Naturist Holidays in Europe

Originally posted on Bare Thoughts: Do you still remember your first encounter with naturism? When I don’t count the skinny dipping in my childhood, my first encounter with naturism was at the age of 18. As mentioned in my first blog, it took some time, struggles and interest to make that first step… It was…

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How naturism changed my life.

A wonderful view of naturism!

Bare Thoughts

After being bullied for a small 14 years during my youth and a slow process of finding and accepting myself, plus a wide interest in a lot of things, I came across naturism 10 years ago. A lot of things naturism is about, like respect people, animals & nature were one of the main reasons. I knew it was practiced mostly in the nude, but since I already accepted myself for who I was at that time, the being nude wasn’t really a problem for me.


So I jumped right in and joined a very good friend, which is also naturist and a second mom to me, to naturist resort Flevonatuur in the Netherlands. From the first second I arrived there it felt like home coming and my missing puzzle piece was found.

My interest in naturism grew and developed a lot these last 10 years, but not only that…

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Combining work with naturism. 

A trucker who goes naked yeah!

Bare Thoughts

As a truck driver I have a lot of freedom and privacy. And while I can’t be naked all of the day, I still have enough possibilities in a week to enjoy the nice weather in my birthday suit. For instance, when I’m done working, I simply lay down a towel on my chair, take my clothes off and sit down. It’s that easy. Not getting dressed until the next morning. But when it’s spring or summer I also have opportunities to enjoy my lifestyle outside the truck. Getting back in harmony with nature while getting paid. How awesome is that?

I had most of those lucky moments in Sweden and the Netherlands. I’ll talk about the ones in the Netherlands another time because they were planned. The ones in Sweden weren’t. From January 2011 till February 2016 I was working for a transport company that goes to Sweden on…

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My first Naked Bike Ride

A great account of a WNBR!


Last Saturday I took part in my very first naked bike ride.  This was also the first Newcastle-Gateshead World Naked Bike Ride 2016.  I was more worried about getting my Bike on the Train than anything else.

That Saturday started when I got the late 9:00 am Train to Newcastle.  Then the hours of waiting after locking my Bike up in the Central Station in Costa Coffee.  I did meet the organiser of the Manchester WNBR by chance.

Moments before the ride started.

Me at Newcastle WNBR 1

This is a great video in which you can see me in part one riding.

Here is another part.

And another.

The final from this source.  But you can find more videos if you look for them.

It was a fun day and the crowds were brilliant on they whole how they acted.

13608203_10209797126275938_1061799281_nLater I went to the post-drinks.

I can’t wait to do it all over again…

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