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Total body freedom there’s nothing quite like it,whether it is in hot weather,cooler weather or even wet weather. For me it’s the peaceful times that I like the most, solace and at one with nature. After living in Chelmsford for almost four and a half years hopefully soon we will be move to a village surrounded by open countryside and a garden than isn’t overlooked. The people who live there now enjoy naked times in the garden which is hopefully what we will be allowed to enjoy from time to time.

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Its can show what kind of shape you’re in (I’m mean mentally,rather than physical) if you can strip away your inhibitions within your psyche and make your life and lifestyle lean and uncluttered. How you can throw away your outdated mindset and beliefs of the past and settle into a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. It can go much…

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It’s time nudists got real about sex.

I find it sensual rather than sexual,but it can be both!

Nude Movement

Lores cover picI sometimes masturbate to pornography.

Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s soft.

And I have sex. And I get turned on at the sight of the naked human body.


And yet here I am, a family-friendly, non-predatory, humanitarian naturist and ‘nudism activist’, fighting regularly for non-sexual freedom of the human body.

Am I wearing The Emperor’s New Clothes?

The first time I ever went dancing was at a Burning Man underground dance party fundraiser in Sydney.

I was already a nudist, and I was finally ready to allow myself to dance for the first time in my life after an upbringing of conservative, ultra-strict Christian values and rules-following.

Into the night I danced nude as Burning Man embraces all forms of peaceful self-expression, and for five hours I was nothing more than joy and music, movement and body, with no drugs and without a tingle of sexual arousal felt in…

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Carnuding Handbook: On Being Realistic and Practical

Done this loved it!

The Free Range Naturist

What is “Carnuding?”

Carnuding, driving without clothing on, derives from the term canuding, which is to use a canoe nude. I’ve mentioned this quite a lot in previous posts. Indeed, most of our trips have included driving to and from destinations nude. I haven’t given much detail of this aspect of what some might call a part of the “craft” of the free range naturist.

Why drive nude?

Because it feels good to get out of clothing. During a long trip, the clothing in the crotch area gets bundled up. There is lots of heat that builds up, heat is then trapped and many bacteria flourish. TMI? This is why it feels so good to slip clothing off and feel the air rejuvenate a body. This is one reason why one can feel cooler on a hot day by removing that last, although be it small, piece of clothing at…

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I Forgot My Gym Kit!

It’s the sensible way to do fitness!

Fit Bunny

There are so many barriers in front of you when you start including health and fitness in your life. Lack of time is one of the key ones and I am sure I will be blogging on that very soon, but once you have found the time, be its before or after work, or maybe on your lunch break, the age old problem we had at school raises it’s ugly head…

“I forgot my gym kit!”

Life is busy and if you’re not particularly excited about your trip to see your trainer, (clearly you’re not seeing me, if this is the case), then its understandable you would forget it more often then you would like. It is like your subconscious is trying to get you out of it. This might even be one of the barriers to you starting it in the first place. The idea of lugging in gym…

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Remember What It Stands For, Officers

Liberty wins out!

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_8434So, for the Fourth of July, we got a group together and headed down to Battery Park, in view of the Statue of Liberty, for a picnic on the grass. No better time for it, right? Statue of Liberty, Fourth of July. Enjoying our liberty to be topless outdoors, as established as a right under New York law some 24 years ago.

IMG_8164IMG_8176An hour or so into our blissful afternoon, these two uncomfortable-looking policewomen show up.

IMG_8237“We’ve had complaints. It’s the Fourth of July. There are children around.”


“You can’t be naked here.”

We’re not naked. We’re covered from the waist down, just like the men in the park. We’re uncovered from the waist up, just like the men in the park.

“But…you can’t…”

Call your headquarters. Please. Talk to them. You’ll see. We promise, you’ll learn that you’re wrong. What we are doing is 100 percent legal. It…

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London Naked Bike Ride 2016 – A Silver Lining

A wonderful cycle ride…..

steve ritter

I emerged from Sainsbury’s on Tower Bridge Road with two cheese ploughman’s subs and an orange juice. Esther was waiting for me beside the doorway, sheltering from a steady downpour. Together we looked out grimly at dark grey clouds that hung heavily with yet more rain. It was hard to believe that in little over half an hour we would begin a 13km mass nude cycle ride around central London.

Maps data © 2016 Google – 13km route from Tower Hill to Wellington Arch

We remounted our bikes and pressed on over Tower Bridge. Assuming we went ahead as hoped it would be my seventh London Naked Bike Ride – after 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – and Esther’s first time since her début in 2013. The World Naked Bike Ride spreads to ever more towns and cities but London remains the biggest and best. We were…

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