Hiding Behind Physical and Psychic Fences


Fences give us our own private space, to be ourselves in case the world outside judges us harshly!

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Life somehow does this thing that erodes the barriers that we build to protect self. Life somehow does this thing that erodes the barriers that we build to protect self.

I took this photo a few days ago. The fence has since then, been repaired and now stands proudly, and straighter, as a barrier between my private place and the public space. Now, when it gets warm again (it is cool, cloudy, windy and the air is saturated with forest fire smoke), I can spend more time, au naturel, in my sacred space.

So why do we build fences? Obviously, we begin to build fences around our frail ego as children so that life doesn’t overwhelm us. It’s a process that continues through youth and adulthood. Yet somewhere along the way, the fences begin to crumble – midlife crisis is the best example of that – and we are left exposed and vulnerable. The time has arrived to become more than the masks, costumes, roles…

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A Charge To Keep…


It is so easy to be wholly concerned with this world, but we must always have our eyes on the next.

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Timothy was a young pastor who had been mentored by Paul the Apostle, and as Paul saw his life drawing to a close, he wrote a personal letter to Timothy both to encourage him and to give him a charge, a charge to keep. When we see our world crumbling around us, it is hard for us to keep our focus on what is really important, living our lives for Christ and doing what we can to spread His kingdom. At some point in our life, and maybe at many points in our life, our world WILL crumble around us, so we need to heed Paul’s charge to Timothy to stay the course and keep up the good work.

4 I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: 2 preach…

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10 questions and answers for the aspiring #nudist


It’s a long since it was 1st time for me,just is part of my life now!

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I do remember the first time, as a kid, I went to a naturist beach. I do not remember all the questions that went through my mind at that time, because there may not have been any, nudity felt normal, as everybody, as far as I can remember, was nude. However, some years later, having grown up and gone through diverse nude and textile experiences, I asked myself some questions on nudism and naturism, to which I found answers by searching and experiencing myself. I think they can be useful if you think about going to a naturist resort or beach, or going for a naked hike, or just staying at your place, but stripping down. Here we go:

  1. Am I a pervert if I feel good naked?
    Definitely no! There are million naturists in the whole world and by definition they are not perverts. There may be perverts among…

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When its hot outside


Well, I certainly didn’t put any clothes on yesterday, the hottest 1 July on record!

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Today is definitely so far the hottest day of the year as temperatures here in the South East hit a gorgeous 27°c. As this was forecast last week the forecasters are patting themselves on the back and every newspaper you open has stories of what you should do on a day like today. Funny though hardly any mention anything about taking all your clothes off. Surely clothes in all their glory are only used to keep warm and any weather that is too warm is not good for the body’s own built in cooling system.You have to laugh at some of the reasons,some writers put down…they are to be honest utter nonsense….people in all honesty really  just do what other people do….for the most part.

 Walking to Happiness - 2WP_20150622_12_26_58_ProWP_20150630_011

“Clothes are a part of our identity…..Clothes differentiate men and women. The female body is covered to evoke interest among men and create…

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28 June — World Naturism Day!

Yes it is in the N.Hemisphere! So I’m spending the day totally naked in and outdoors in the garden, and share with you the joy and freedom of being skindressed! Happy WND to all!

Natural garden
Natural garden

Sitting Bare!
Sitting Bare!

Totally happy-Totally me!
Totally happy-Totally me!

In Naked Fields - 100% naturally me!
In Naked Fields – 100% naturally me!

A naturist of the world!
A naturist of the world!

Happy trio - with 2 non'naturist friends!
Happy trio – with 2 non’naturist friends!

No private parts?


Some stirring thoughts here some of which I have not considered before esp in the free posting of my pictures!

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Since starting to blog about nudism last year, I have been very choosy about the things I re-post and pictures I re-blog. I am very conscious about not offending anyone from the nudist community or crossing a line by posting an image that could be seen as sexually explicit. On a blog I have on another service I have received photo submissions that blog have often included very sexually suggestive photos despite my guidelines.

Submit your clothes free pics promote nudism at home, active nudists or nudists of color. No erection or spread eagle crotch, sexually suggestive or under 18 shots please

I have seen lots of nudist blogs there that post as many images of sexual acts as they do nude or nudist pictures. Recently several nudist blogs on that service seem to have been hijacked and taken over it seems by sex oriented bloggers. I made a brief…

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