Reasons to wear underwear


i also think that constricting the lower abdomen with elastic can result in sciatica like pain which I’ve experienced,removing underclothes relieves this.

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I’ve been thinking lately about why people wear underwear. I haven’t worn any for a very long time, except when going to the doctor’s or when I believed I’d have to take my pants off in (non-nudist) public. I don’t plan to start any time soon and failing to find any reasons to do so, except when it’s medically necessary, I asked Google to think for me.

What I found was silly enough to share and debunk.

The first thing I checked out was an article on a well-known men’s web site which I’m not going to advertise because it advertises enough for the lousy content it offers. It made me click through all “top 5″ reasons underwear matters only to find that the only reason it matters is because there is the word “buy” on every single page. Even though I didn’t see it, I’m sure each of them is placed right beside…

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Take a 30-day challenge and change your life in a month


And it is NOT illegal to be nude outdoors in England, so try a pleasant nude walk in our lovely countryside,there is even a nude walking group, see

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0c53c65458237e7668bbaf03e0135b4cIs nudism something you’ve always meant to try, wanted to experience, but just haven’t? Here’s a suggestion – Try it for 30 days.

It has been said that it only takes a month to create a new habit, introduce something new into your life that you will stick with or to break a bad habit for good. Doing any of those things has the power to change your life for the better.

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Greek Independence Day!


Very interesting, I last visited Greece in 1967 and found it fascinating.

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On March 25, 1821, the date of the Feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos (Mother of God) in the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek people, as one and encouraged by their ecclesiastics, rose in revolt against their Ottoman Turk oppressors. This uprising marked the beginning of eight years of struggle that culminated with the signing of the Treaty of Adrianople in 1829 that terminated almost 400 years of Turkish rule with independence for the modern Greek state.

WarriorsDuoNkdgreek flag 2

The current Greek flag reflects that fight for freedom. The white cross in the upper left corner represents the Cross of St. George honoring the role the Church and it’s clergy played in the war to end the foreign domination of Greece. The alternating blue and white stripes symbolize the waves of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, which surround the Greek peninsula and islands. The number of stripes depict the letters of…

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Jade Sambrook: What if Nudism were a Religion?


I would def be a member!

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What if nudism were a religion? What if the practice of ”Nudism” were considered equal to the practice of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Abrahamic religion or any of the other many religions that exist today?

If nudism were a religion then surely I could no longer claim to be an atheist. I’d be attending Nudist Church every Sunday and even volunteering my time towards the church on other days of the week. Heck, I’d even be interested in becoming a nudist preacher!

Some people reading this might answer that it is against the law to be naked in public, or that they would be offended if they saw a naked human body.

First of all, if nudism were a religion, then being naked in public could no longer be considered a criminal offence, or else it would amount to a clear case of religious persecution by the state. In Canada for example – where I am from –…

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