Brighton Naked Bike Ride 2017 – Freshness

A real story of the ride!

steve ritter

Since the earliest World Naked Bike Ride events in the UK, US and Netherlands on 12 June 2004, the phenomenon has spread to six continents and dozens of countries. The UK itself now has rides in more than twenty towns and cities yet, up to the end of last year, I had personally only participated in London. It was time to go further, so the day after London Naked Bike Ride 2017, Esther and I caught a train to Brighton.

Welcome to the Brighton Naked Bike Ride

Maps data © 20167 Google – from The Level (north) to the naturist beach (east)

On the Level

The ride was due to leave The Level at 1:30pm so we aimed to get there half an hour before. A discreet enclosure for bike ride participants was at the north end of the park but we found naked people roaming about freely…

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Some thoughts on our blog.

Wishing everyone a happy nude 2018!


Firstly a very happy new year to all our friends. Here’s to another year of naked fun times. And yes it should be fun. Sure, we all know it’s important to take naturism seriously on certain levels but getting naked with other like minded people or indeed alone is exciting, liberating and quite often very good fun indeed!


The human body is also a beautiful creation and there shouldn’t be any shame in appreciating it’s form from a more artistic or even sexual point of view. These things are natural and beautiful. We have had some criticism that some of our photos are a little too suggestive and that a lot are posed but we have to say we really don’t care if this offends.

We enjoy taking our candid naturist photos but we also enjoy doing more artistic and posed modelling shoots. It’s part of who we are and…

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The World Naked Database

It’s only a body so …..

the sl naturist

I’m in that period of my year where next year’s holidays begin to loom large, and thoughts of 2018’s holidays are uppermost in my mind.

Something to look forward to in the cold, dark nights of a European (or North American) winter.

Of course, it’s not all a bed of roses, as international terrorism has led to a situation where flying is something to be endured rather than enjoyed. Personally, I find it a bloody awful experience.

We’ll probably endure another round of media scare stories about being ‘seen in the nude’ by airport X-ray machines.

Not only can the authorities see your penis…

..they can process the x-rays to a positive and effectively see you fully nude. Breasts, vulva….the lot!

Or can they? Or should we even care?

Here I am, in SL, on an aircraft, in negative form, the photo from a post from last year’s ‘Postcards from…

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How’s that New Strategy Working Out?

This is wonderful, expressing natural humaninity and positivity.

The Free Range Naturist

At this point, we have found a much greater sense of liberation. It comes out of the adjustment of our attitudes. We have been making a commitment at the beginning of each nude trek to stay nude throughout. We have been dropping any covering into a bag, or just using sun protectors to cushion our shoulder’s pack straps. We then are nude with no real way to cover, or quickly dress.

More strategic detail can be found here:

Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

This action says to our “civilized” selves that we are surrendering and embracing nature as a being which is more a part of nature. We are walking as we are, accepting our bodies as they are, a vehicle to navigate and be aware of what life simply is.

As we are abandoning all defense, we become free of other’s judgements, and expectations of our bodies. We accept ourselves…

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Beautiful And Peaceful Loch Ailort

Natural in the wilderness!

My Naked Adventures

During my recent Scotland trip we had a day out. As lovely as it was around Glencoe, we decided to travel out to the most western part of mainland Britain. On the way we passed Loch Ailort. We still had the low cloud, but it looked so beautiful we had to turn around and find a place to park. With the tide out we had plenty of space to wander out and have a look around. Once away from the road it quite secluded, and incredibly peaceful.

My mate is used to me stripping off at times when out and about on our photography trips, so is fine with me taking time out to enjoy the freedom of being clothes free. The air was very still, the temperature mild, and with the secluded peacefulness of the area, i could not only get some photos, but have time to really take…

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Happy Valley: Miller Creek: Part I

True naturist hiking

The Free Range Naturist


We awaken to the morning sun under the thin veil of the net tent canopy. The quilt and our own shared body heat have kept us warm through the night.

Serenity Under the Camping Quilt

Today we will make the ascent up several miles into the east side of the Rincon Mountains using the Miller Creek trail. It is a climb. That we know, but little else. We are in for a list of wonderful surprises today.

View from Camp

This is day two of our weekend trip. Here is day one:

Happy Valley, Sad Day

We are determined to expand our sense of self in liberation with our newer strategy when encountering others. That is exciting. We are feeling refreshed and ready.

The Newer Strategy:

Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

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Montana Melvin and Sandy Keeping it Simple

True Naturism

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Home-away-from-home in the mountains

Melvin has been kind enough to share with me, and in turn with you, his second home, a mountain hide-away. I have often wondered about simplifying life with a retreat place where I could forget about being on edge about nudity while living in a community.

An outdoor shower, warm water courtesy of the sun heating up a black water bag

Of course, being off the grid means one leaves behind plumbing and modern conveniences. I have a similar camping shower for when we head out to the wilderness such as Sandy uses here. When we lived at my wife’s parental farm which we bought in the 70s. baths were taken in a square tub with the water heated on a wood stove.

Sandy in the kitchen with a wood stove in place of an electric or gas range.

Sandy and Melvin’s cabin has such a…

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