Sleeping Nude & Waking Up Naked Morning Coffee …I was…


I have always slept the natural way

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Sleeping Nude & Waking Up Naked Morning Coffee …

I was poking around the web the other day and came across an article detailing the benefits of sleeping nude.  Like everything, I love sleeping in the nude and have a much better rest!  No surprise!  Having to sleep in anything like even underwear proved to be the sleep of the unrest or the damned for me!  Ugh!  I despise being in a situation (and they do happen some times), where you have to sleep in the very least in something other than your birthday suit.

No surprise, sleeping naked, in addition to being the best rest you will ever have does have health benefits!  But, according to several surveys, less than 1 In 10 Americans sleep in the nude. This is a sad finding considering the fantastic (and scientifically proven!) benefits we gain from ditching PJ’s and slipping into our…

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Jade Sambrook: My experience with Public Nudity at the 2014 Toronto World Pride Parade


Just proves that nudity is natural!

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Every year a group called TNT Men (Totally Naked Toronto Men) walk in the Toronto Pride Parade wearing nothing but their birthday suits. This is permitted by Toronto Pride, the City of Toronto and the Toronto Police itself.

As you may know, there is a historical context to this public nudity being allowed at the Pride Parade that relates to the 1981 bath house raids. I must admit, however, that my personal knowledge of the facts surrounding the raids do not allow me to write more profoundly on that subject.

In 2014 Toronto was the host city for World Pride, and I jumped at the opportunity to be nude in public by joining TNT Men in the parade. Interestingly this was my first time attending a Pride Parade as I had never even attended one as a spectator, let alone as an actual participant.

First of all, it is important to note that I am not gay. Nevertheless, I was more than happy to…

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Spreading equality


No part of the body is inherently indecent!

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A recent blog post by a friend over at True Nudists suggests that in addition to topless equality nudist women should claim their equal rights to spread em or as she calls it gender visual equality.

English: Walking around at the nudist beach. D...(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keep in mind this is not to say “hey gals open your legs get crazy”, it is to sayladies feel free to be as relaxed as do the men when you are in and aboutmixed company as long as you keep it non sexual and in good taste. Same goesfor the men who celebrate gender freedom in a visual way without any feelingsof shame. Enjoy body acceptance in a positive balanced environment of freedomand equality, and feel the difference (rush) of acceptance of being trulyand completely equally naked unashamed, all while promoting the ingredientthat eliminates male arousal so men can be the same as the women are, andjust like the men…

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Clothes free friendly social media


WordPress is good facebook is bad

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What do the owner of a Palm Beach clothing optional vacation venue, a musician and videographer, a blogger, and a yogi, and yoga teacher have in common? They have all been banned, suspended, or had accounts deleted from popular social media sites. Ordinary non sexual nudity, images of ordinary people doing ordinary things clothes free are being segregated in some social media in much the same way that pornography has been.

So are there any social media sites that don’t banish clothes free folks to cyber wasteland? Do those who enjoy being clothes free have any options to share images with freinds and others who are not offended? Can those who want to normalize clothes free life and share with those interested find a place to put down roots. Let me share some alternatives in the social a media sphere that I have found. I actually use or have used…

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Nudism and Values At Young Naturists and Nudists America


Just wish Naturism was like it was in the 60’s!

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Ask Not What The Young Naturists Can Do For You Personally!

Prompted by a discussion in our main Young Naturists and Nudists America FB group:

Jordan’s Views On YNA and Nudism:

I co-founded Young Naturists America about four and a half years ago. While my partner in crime, Felicity Jones, is a bona fide third-generation nudist, my parents had never identified as nudists or naturists. As a kid we would travel around the USA and when possible, we would stay at nudist resorts / naturist campgrounds.  They never pressured us kids but I guess we just took it as an opportunity to run around and have fun with other kids (back then there were lots of kids in naturism).

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