Hurry Up Warm Weather

I’m much happier naked and outdoors in nature!

The Naked Truth continues...


It mid March and the days are finally getting lighter “Spring” is here meaning winter is at an end and with it hopefully the days will get warmer too. I’m delighted as it will hopefully mean less time having to wear clothes and long summer days spent naked in the warm sunshine.

Nudity though offends alot of people, but not me. To be honest when I was young,nobody in my family ever cared much for modesty and it wasn’t uncommon to see other family members walking from the shower to their rooms, sunbathing or walking around in the morning without any clothes.It just makes more sense to me and it’s more comfortable too. Unless it’s cold why should anyone have to spend their entire free time clothed indoors.Why should we have to put on clothes when all it’ll do is increase our laundry load, which you pay for.


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Tyagarah lake, Australia

Australia is great for naturists….

Active Naturists

Tyagarah Lake is located in Northern New South Wales, Australia, about a 30 drive minutes from well known Byron Bay (and the very popular naturist spot Kings Beach). It is a picturesque small freshwater lake just minutes from the beach. A much larger lake is across the road next it but this is swampy and inaccessible.

view 0002 Tyagarah lake, New South Wales, Australia

Tyagarah Lake is a popular spot for locals and not a known tourist spot, as it’s off the main highway, on a dirt road and not near any towns.  But it is still easy to get to: turn off the Pacific Highway onto Greys Lane and follow it as it turns into a dirt road on the way to Tyagarah Nature reserve beach. Before you make it to the beach you will see cars parked on the road.

view 0005 Tyagarah lake, New South Wales, Australia

Look for the Tyagarah Nature reserve signs to find the path in.  It’s only a very…

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Why It’s Good To Be Naked In Public

No need for prudes

sarah kim bonner

Version 2I got a real naked education when I moved to Europe. I wouldn’t say Canadians are prudish but, in our unfailing commitment to be polite, being naked in change rooms, sporting events, the beach… it just isn’t…nice. In Europe, the social climate of nakedness is totally different and, I’ve realized, it’s good to be naked in public.

Naked is Normal

My first naked experience was going to watch a bike race in Holland. I unavoidably saw countless very, very white bums as riders changed in the street post-race. That experience turned out to be normal at sporting events in France and Spain too. On the beaches,  I saw women of all ages and shapes (natural and man-made) frolic and sunbathe topless without anyone batting an eyelash. At the physio or chiropractor wherever I was living, I was the weirdo who wanted to keep my shorts on. I was so shocked at first. I couldn’t believe how…

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5 ways #nudism will enhance your social life

5 reasons and there are more!…..

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

You may or may not be a nudist, but the title of this post has trigger some interest. What? you ask yourself. How is getting naked can enhance my naked life. Let me ask you a couple of questions: have not you felt sometimes the need to find new friends and people to exchange ideas with? Do you sometimes want to try new activities but do not know how? Are you feeling people may not be completely sincere with you?

Well, let me introduce you to why getting naked with other nudists will enhance your social life, in a naturist club, during a naked hike or at home if you want to throw a naked party:

  1. Meeting like-minded individuals. Nudists all love to get naked. Some will get naked only in a naturist setting, like a clothing optional resort or beach, others will get naked in nature, others will…

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Where nudity should be the norm

Well worth a read

Tha Naked I


I have a really interesting topic for today. I wanted to touch on the subject of places and activities where being nude should be the common practice. Most of the time clothing is required and not because it’s more practical, but because society has deemed that certain parts of the body should not be seen publicly. This notion is completely wrong, in my opinion at least. Here are some places and activities that would benefit from not requiring clothing.

One obvious place where being nude should be the norm is swimming pools, beaches, bathing houses etc. Now, I know there’s clothing optional ones, and even places where clothing is not allowed, but this should be the common place everywhere. Think about it, at home you shower/bathe naked, so why should it be any different in other places ? Bathing suits serve no real purpose, they just cover up certain parts…

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Even though it’s cold outside, a bit of outdoors clothes free time will help your immune system.

I agree with Martin- I refill my birdfeeders outside naked whatever the temp! Very refreshing is an early morning exposure of the skin!


Yes it’s February and it’s cold outside……

I still like to grab a few minutes outdoors clothes free whenever I can. It’s exhilarating to feel the coolness and breeze all over your skin, it wakes up the senses, makes you feel alive and in contact with the natural world.

I’m also a big believer that by going naked indoors and outdoors when you can, it encourages your body to acclimatise to the natural temperature better and this in turn provides a boost to your immune system.

I’m not sure if there is any physical data to match this idea up but I’m convinced as a regular naturist even in the winter months I seem to suffer less colds & flu. I shouldn’t be saying this as I’m probably tempting fate….

Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts on this?

Bye for now and stay naked and natural my friends.

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