Naturism and Nudism have a PR problem

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Naturism and nudism have a PR problem and if it isn’t resolved the consequences could be disastrous. The problem originates from the advent of new technology social media and cultural shifts.

Often while browsing the web looking for news stories I come across ordinary people who share their clothes free experience who start by saying I am no nudist. The word nudist has become so associated with sexual nudity that ordinary people who genuinely want to explore naturist and clothes free living avoid it. Porn mongers, pervs and sex trolls have coopted the term nudist to describe their sexual activities and promote their sexual proclivities. Google the word nudist or search on Twitter and the majority of items returned will be porn related.

I can also tell you that the cultures between swinger nudism and family-oriented nudism really aren’t all that different.
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All over the internet…

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A Dose of Winter Nudism on Snowshoes

It’s wonderful!

The Naked Jade

Jade Sambrook's Feature Photo from The Naked Jade Blog: A Dose of Winter Nudism on Snowshoes

As I had mentioned in my previous blog post, summer is almost here. And until it does arrive there is simply no getting away from the cold winter – if you live in Eastern Canada like me that is.

If you live somewhere like Florida, Brazil or Cuba and you are able to visit a nude beach whenever you please, then I’m extremely jealous and envious of you!

Opportunities to practice any form of nudism are obviously very limited in my neck of the woods at this time of the year. For now I’m mostly relegated to enjoying the naked life in my own home, attending strip karaoke events or wearing my Scottish kilt while I’m out and about.

[More on strip karaoke? Read: My Naked Karaoke of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin bout a Revolution’]

Luckily this winter has been very mild – which unfortunately is most likely due to…

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Gymnastics means working out naked

I exercise gymnos style!


Gymnasium was the place where in ancient Greece, men used to work out, study and have philosophical discussions. They entered the gymnasium naked. The origin of the word gymnasium is from the word “gymnos”, meaning naked in greek. Athletes were also performing naked at the Olympic games. There are many stories trying to explain why athletes were naked. The most popular is about an athlete, who lost his clothes while he was running at the Olympic games of 720 BC. He won the race and everyone believed that there are better winning possibilities if they were naked.

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming fans of training naked. There are some gyms that encourage their customers to work out naked or at least shirtless. It is all about being free from the restrictions of clothes while we train and enables us to be more in tune with our bodies.


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Why do we need clothes? #naturist #nudist

Too much fixation on clothes is not good, enjoy life being clothes-free

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

This is a good question, isn’t it? Particularly when you are nudist and you spend some time or lot of time entirely naked, you know that we do not need clothes to live weather permitting of course. The Independant article on Erica Simone tries to give answers. Or at list, Erica Simone, with her Naked in New York pictures try to provide an answer.

The headline enlighten us a bit: “A photographer simple wondered ‘what the world would feel like naked, without the empowering or disempowering effect of clothing.'” This quote from the article makes you think: “What we wear acts as a silent language, allowing us to convey who we are and want to be to the outside world.” I would say that what we do not wear act a silent language too. Being naked convey who we are and want to be to the outside world too, showing that nudity…

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Why are we taught shame about nudity and our bodies?

Well said!

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Humanity is the most unique species on this Earth. It’s because we are the only ones to cover our bodies. And we are taught to cover up in shame. We’re taught shame about nudity and our bodies, unlike any other species. Why? Here goes why.

Humanity began naked. The earliest humans lived naked, and they lived in rather warm climates. Clothing therefore wasn’t necessary and was rather impractical.

However, then humans started migrating north to North America, Europe, and Asia, and it was the Ice Age. Humans realized they had no hair or fur to not need any body covering. However, people were not ashamed of nudity or their bodies yet. It continued that way throughout ancient history. The human body was seen as innocent in ancient Greece and Italy, and the predecessor to today’s Olympic Games had the competitions done in the nude. Public nudity was then commonplace. Many…

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