Miller Peak: Bathtub Spring

Wonderful hiking–naturally

The Free Range Naturist


It’s early in the evening; the driving is slow up the dark twisted switchback road to the Ramsey Campground. The road’s dark edge is as near as the other side, the illuminated steep slope upward. Both are threatening.

We took off work earlier this afternoon, leaving Tucson to arrive for an earlier sleep. We are gaining a great deal of elevation by driving up here to stage our trip through the Huachuca Mountains to Miller Peak.

We left Tucson of course naked. Protected in the cab of the vehicle, we are still comfortably naked. The air outside is getting cooler as night deepens and thousands of feet of elevation change. A window is cracked, so that we can smell the freshness and pine scent of the air. Our sense of ourselves is adventure and freedom.

As we climb around a bend, there at the next switchback, we see a…

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Liberation on the Trail

Backpacking naked and lightweight!

The Free Range Naturist

I wrote this article for “N” magazine. It was published in the Winter 2018-19 issue. I’ve added three more pictures.

Liberation on the Trail

We see these advertisements and articles of vibrant people out backpacking on trails across the world. They are athletes crossing wilderness mountains, thru-hiking for hundreds of miles. This is the face of backpacking.

For some of us, this is reminiscent of days of youth, packing 50 pound weights, or military expeditions. Some see a challenge, some an uncomfortable activity. Some will write it off for health issues.

I’m in my sixties, now. I have had back injuries from rear-enders. I’m just not up for packing 45 pounds around the Bolivian Andes anymore. Did you see an elderly Robert Redford and Nick Nolte dragging up the Appalachian Trail in “A Walk in the Woods”?

My girlfriend and I love to explore, to find places remote enough that…

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My Private Place for Naturism #26

How wonderful, perfect naturism.

The Free Range Naturist


Wandering Off into Desert Air

I cut firewood and then with DF hosted a Sunday sweat. There has always been something that I like about cutting wood for fire. Here is something real and very human about it. It is an activity shared by ancestors through millennia. I share that like the experience of being in my own skin, something very human and natural, a connection.

A couple of friends came by to share our spiritual cleanse and bathe together.  We sang and drummed as perspiration exited our pores, with condensation and it ran all over our bodies, making us shine.

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Slavin Gulch, Part II

A wonderful account of natural hiking!

The Free Range Naturist


We have left the Triangle T Resort Ranch and have headed out to hike the western slope of Cochise Stronghold Trail, the other half. We found that there is just too much potential for disastrous washouts with the threatening thunder showers. We have decided to head back and explore another safer trail south of here.

When we return to the trailhead, we see that that lounging guy’s truck is still sitting there by the creek under the tree. In response, DF chooses to wear a sundress to start up the trail. This will work well for me. I rig my backpack with the belt to carry the weight of the water. We have a water filter, just in case we find some.

Déjà vu, I wait out yet another jeep’s passing. Like the last time, I’m covered by my open driver’s door. This time, I have DF walking behind…

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Spring Is Here!

Yes Spring is here and the sun feels a bit warmer!

ReNude Pride

Yes! Finally! Spring is now officially here in the Northern Hemisphere! The meteorological Spring began back on March but now the astronomical season of Springtime started this past Wednesday evening (yesterday) and today being the first full day. No matter which beginning of the season we follow, it is now undoubtedly with us!

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The pleasure of being naked,nude,bare, uncovered, is just so real that it is a definite inconvenience to have to cover my skin. Even wearing underclothes is something I hate so much that I never wear any, going “commando” is my thing! So before you criticise, try it indoors and out! 



Valentine paradeKitchenMorning

The unclothed body is not shameful, it is our real selves and I’m more than happy being seen in my real me state. “To be Naked is to be Yourself,to be Naked in Nature is to be at Peace with the World!”

Here I am, at peace!


Naming Labels: Poem “The Naked and the Nude”

What is in a word, there are connotations!

ReNude Pride

Obviously, the two gentlemen in the above photograph are bare or clothes-free. The difference is how they are posing while without covering. With the attached poem (below) and message in mind, one of our guys  is naked. Our assumption being that it is not his first choice. On the other hand, our other man is nude. That’s because his being without clothing causes him no concern or discomfort whatsoever. The question is: “Which one is which?”

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About me and others – No Clothes Req!