Some Spring Sunshine

Early Naturist Gardening – OK in the sun!

Living Life Natures Way

As spring comes slowly upon us I’ve managed to get in the garden today, in between the showers and also plant a few perennials and shrubs too.

January and February have been very wet unproductive months all round and we haven’t been out visiting much, apart from seeing family from time to time.

March has started with some sunshine in spells, although the temperatures hardly climb above single figures. Luckily we’re getting enough time off together later in the month and will be making a few trips around the country so not all is lost.

Today is Monday 9th and I managed to get in the garden to get out some wintering plants, as well as do some weeding and also plant some shrubs.

Occasionally the sunshine appeared allowing a couple of clothes free periods, but one it disappeared it became decisively chilly.

I managed to plant into pots a…

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Sun & Showers

At a naturist hotel!

Living Life Natures Way

Monday was a day just like the previous two, we did very little and it was relatively warm, unfortunatly the sun didn’t make much of an appearance and mixed in with it, was the odd shower or two.

Undaunted after breakfast we stayed naked for the rest of the day until the evening,just lazing around on the terrace reading,drinking tea and coffee and relaxing after a few busy months.

In the evening we visited Bar Safari once more, this time enjoying a pizza bread, some drinks and watching the football.

The game was Aston Villa against West Ham which was goalless and had much less sparkle than the drinks we were consuming.

Tuesday saw a return to the glorious weather of the weekend, so we once again visted the beach and took in some more sun and frolicked in the sea avoiding most of the big waves.

The climate on…

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Barricaded in my Naturist Cyber-Fortress

Oh yes, lets be #NormalisingNaturism

The Meandering Naturist

So I read the Nick and Lins piece about naturism on Facebook the other day on Naked Wanderings when they lamented the many ironies of social media policies where simple nudity is forbidden, while all sorts of other atrocities somehow slip through the cracks. To be sure, navigating the internet in search of reliable information about people who are earnestly interested in social nudity is a slippery slope that will almost certainly lead your favorite search engine into various porn sites, while helping you find “new friends seeking benefits,” not to mention an unsolicited fan club willing to send you pictures of their genitalia. Who could have imagined any of this back before the digital age?

DrA0Sy4XgAIA-BFBut here’s a thought for the day: What about all of us who feel so passionately about the naturist cause that we’ve barricaded ourselves in the naked cyber-fortress. That is, surrounding ourselves in…

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Trending.. #NormalisingNaturism

Yes 2020 sees us folks who are nudists/naturists on twitter going for the #NormalisingNaturism, hopefully to make being naked,nude,clothes-free a part of as many lives as possible. 

It’s very eco-friendly as it takes 7000 litres of water to make 1 T-shirt, never mind washing it in it’s lifetime then possibly throwing into landfill. 

So let’s make the 2020 year naked, nude, bare, stripped, starkers and keep pushing the nudist mantra..”To be Naked is to be Yourself, to be Naked with others is to be at Peace with the World!” Eliminate bodyshame, embrace your body be it fat,thin,tall, short, whatever shape, age,colour, gender…Here’s me as I much prefer to be…Skindressed indoors and out! 





Is nudism on the decline ?

Be Naked and be Yourself. #NormalisingNaturism

Living Life Natures Way

In a word, NO !

It is a popular misconception that nudism is going the way of disco. These are the same people who believe the 60’s were one big Woodstock/orgy fest. But one historian argues (whose name escapes me), with a list of charts and graphs, that people were actually a lot more conservative during that time than we imagine.

What followed after the sixties, however, was the much more permissible seventies, where premarital sex dropped off the list of taboos and drugs came into frequent use (today, marijuana is legal in most states). But modern nudism has been around long before the sixties, since the Germans exported it to America in the 1900s. The resort I visit, Lake Como in Land-O-Lakes, FL, was founded in the forties. The only thing we can say about nudism during the sixties was that, thanks to print media, and magazines that allowed…

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Such wise words and honesty….


There is this perception that nudists must inherently be more secure in themselves, more confident in their bodies, than the rest. Whether that’s correlation or causation may depend on the person. Some nudists and naturists are secure in themselves, surely, because they became nudists and naturists and were forced to overcome their insecurities, while others were naturally more inclined to become nudists and naturists because they had already acquired the requisite self-confidence. Maybe they were just never taught to feel that same shame.

If I had to lump myself into one of those camps, it would be the former. When I first learned about nudism online as a wildly insecure teenager with rampant hormones and a spiral of confusing thoughts running through my mind, I had a lot of anxieties to overcome before I could enjoy nudism the way I can today. Maybe that’s due to my childhood, but I…

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