The five most dangerous myths about sickness and disability benefits – Frances Ryan


Duncan Smith is totally inhuman

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486294_4737578711832_1816039541_nHere is an excellent article by Frances Ryan, originally posted in the New Statesman yesterday.

Iain Duncan Smith’s “overhaul” of the benefit system is surrounded by harmful distortions.

292533_330073053728896_1536469241_nIn a major speech, Iain Duncan Smith has called for an “overhaul” of the disability and sickness benefit system.

As a man with a history of not knowing the difference between fact and “some stuff I made up because it seemed to help at the time”, it worried me to see that the work and pensions secretary seemed to find himself here again.

In the old-fashioned belief public policy should be based on reality, here’s five myths around sickness and disability benefits:

1. Disability and sickness benefits are a sign of welfare dependency

Creating the impression that you’re going to announce a humane, competent understanding of disability and sickness doesn’t get off to a great start when the entire first…

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Praise God From Whom ALL Blessings Flow…


Being nake is to be our true selves

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These opening words from the Doxology reflect where I am today, pausing for a few moments to reflect on what God has done in my life over the past two-plus years, and praising Him for His continued grace, mercy and blessings. This time in my life has been very difficult in many ways, and God has used these difficult times to teach me a few lessons and work towards making me the kind of man who He can use for the spread of His kingdom.

When I posted “The Old Knight” on December 31, 2013, I had no real idea where this blogging journey would lead, and 100 posts later, I can see God’s hand at work in nearly every post. It has been a bumpy ride so far, but this journey is by no means over. Even though I just posted “Time-Out“, I don’t plan…

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Actually… things are getting better for naked people


Nudity is more accepted but there is still a lot of prudishness

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On the beach at Cap d'Agde On the beach at Cap d’Agde

It’s easy to reminisce about the good ol’ days, when local nudist clubs were thriving in America, when naturist ethical mores were higher, and people were just more laid back about the naked people on the beach. You know, back before the internet.

As a 50-something male, I have pined over the fact that I was born a bit too late to enjoy the “golden days of naturism.” We like to believe that things were better before people became so uptight and paranoid with a desire to legislate every possible questionable behavior out of existence. While there’s some truth in that, (another rant for another day) I would have to say that things are getting significantly better for naked people. More complicated, perhaps, but better.

From Ile du Levant, c. 1961 From Ile du Levant, c. 1961

My inspiration for making such a bold statement is largely a reaction to…

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Erasing the Taboo Factor of Nudism: It Can Be Done


To be Naked is to be YOURSELF!

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more nudity less taboo

Hey friends,

I hope y’all are enjoying yourselves this weekend—and hopefully at least get to spend some of it, if not all, in the nude, like I am.

You know what I hate? I hate it when people act weird when they encounter nudists just acting casually. Big problem with textiles—they are so accustomed to wearing clothes on a regular, casual, non-sexual basis that when they come across a nudist they act differently, because nudists aren’t “exactly like them” and they don’t know how to act. They may make weird glances or gawk, and be afraid to interact or talk with nudists, or come anywhere near them.

NEWSFLASH, TEXTILES—we nudists are people too. There is nothing to fear from a nudist—I don’t understand why you should have any reason to fear talking to or interacting with us. We are just like you, we like to talk, have fun, do pretty…

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A Naked Walk in the Woods


I’ve walked naked in all sorts of areas and encountered very little negativeness!

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So when it comes to adventure travel, we tap out pretty quickly. While fit, neither of us are particularly athletic, nor are we into zip-lining, bungee jumping, or downhill skiing in the Alps. But a walk in the woods is one of life’s greatest pleasures – especially if it can be done without the burden of clothing.

The road to Iligas Gorge The road to Ilingas Gorge

I realize there are entire books, blogs, and cyber communities dedicated to organizing naturist walks. These offerings have always looked intriguing to me, but rarely do they coordinate with our calendars when we’re not traveling. And reading an announcement for a “free-hiking” (a term coined for hiking in the nude) opportunity in the Austrian Alps when you’re currently in the Pacific Northwest, while enticing, is not so easy to navigate. There are dozens of organized naturist hikes in France each summer, and my sense is there is a…

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