An Englishwoman abroad

From the wonderful EMMA

Socks off!

I’m over in Cormeilles-en-Parisis in the NW suburbs of Paris, staying with my father Bolton Bill & lovely Stepmum Barbara.

They’ve lived here about fourteen years and I’ve been making annual trips over to see them since they moved, aside from the first couple of years. I was trapped in a viscious cycle of scarcity. Not easy being a single parent juggling kids, business, house and garden

Life is much rosier now but as the years pass, the dynamics change. We can no longer do the trips we once did. Dad and Barbara have taken me all over France to see the most wonderful chateaus, museums, exhibitions, concerts and tourist hot spots ❤️ but age takes its toll and I’m happy to simply be here at home, with the occasional wiggle wiggle out to the local tabac to torment the bad boys under hooded eyes.

I was taught German at…

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Messages of the Body

Every Body is beautiful


There’s no doubt that spending more time naked can help make you more comfortable with your body. Seeing and accepting what you’d once considered flaws or imperfections. Feeling like a holistic human rather than a collection of body parts. Embracing your physical self in all its strangeness and complexities. Accepting your body as it is in this particular moment in time. Naturism can act as a powerful antidote to internalized fatphobia and shame, as well as quell body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria. But is there a point where it can go too far? Can you perhaps become too comfortable with your body?

I don’t have an answer and I’m not sure there even is one. Body acceptance isn’t a monolith and there exist spectrums of comfort for each unique individual. But like any feelings and emotion, it’s worth analyzing whether our shame and discomfort is an externally imposed message, or…

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Nudity and Sexuality

Well chosen words

Exposed and Vulnerable

Emma in between sets of clothing – undressed.

Nudity and sexuality. I know that many, many people are loathe to put the words nudity and sexual together. If this were about religion, that would be a mortal sin, one that would condemn one to the deepest pits of whatever hell one could imagine. Now, one of these states doesn’t automatically assume the other. After all, just being clothing free doesn’t mean that there is a sexual desire or sexual intent, It might simply mean just being naked. There is nothing simple about it as our minds are complex things. For example, we all change our clothing which necessitates the removal of all clothing and then replacing the items with more clothing. That moment when we are in between … at that moment we are naked, nude … and there is little question that is unlikely to be taken as a…

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Naked Hiking on a beautifully hot day near Dorking, Southern England

Emma and friends take a naked hike

Socks off!

We’d scheduled this hike a few weeks ago and as it loomed, the temperature started to climb in the UK.  We’ve finally approached something approaching decent summer temperatures, although officially we’re still in spring

Four nude buddies, two Peters, one Scott and one Emma converged at Coldharbour near Dorking for a split hike. Walk 1, a brisk 3-miler followed by lunch, then a more leisurely 5-miler and we had a fabulous time, in great company

The scenery was breathtaking, with rhododendrons flanking a lot of the hills, established pine forests, lush ferns, logs which I made good use of (I have a thing about wrapping myself around logs 😉), the occasional cyclist since this is a well- waymarked cycling route and an even more occasional walker.

After some deliberation, we found a perfect lunch spot near where we’d parked so lunch was a stylish affair with portable chairs and a…

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Male Body Confidence and Naturism

How naturism can improve your life…

The way that the media portrays men and women in movies, commercials and television shows aids in the body confidence issues of both males and females. Most people talk about how females are widely affected by how women are portrayed in the media but there is less conversations occurring when it comes to how men perceive the people who they see on the media.

Naked In New York – Sasha Kargaltsev, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many men have found that naturism has helped them gain body confidence and feel better about the way they look and feel about themselves. Body image dissatisfaction is a serious issue. There have been studies that have shown positive results between naturist activities and positive body confidence.

In naturism, people experience a positive not judgmental environment. Naturism sees each person as unique individuals with different body types. No one body type is…

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Half way through 2021

A true naturist

Living Life Natures Way

It doesn’t seem possible that we’re nearly halfway through 2021 so little has happened because of the pandemic but tomorrow is the first of June. Added to that is that in just over a fortnight we celebrate the summer solstice and daylight hours will begin to reduce.

Well we’re nearly in June and so far this year it’s seemed anything like summery, storms, hail, frosts long into May and no sunshine, plus of course the shadow of Covid hanging over us all.

Apparently the restrictions are going to be removed this month but we’ll wait until it happens before actually planning anything.

Our naturist club is still closed even though many are open, but as I’m working most days the chance of a clothes free break isn’t really on the cards. For the most it’s just been the odd day at home during which I’ve been able to relax and…

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Getting By, Staying Busy

From a true Naturist….

Exposed and Vulnerable

Raspberries are gone and now I’m turning the soil for an extension to the garden.

I am digging myself out of a communication hole as you can see with this image. I have been busy with a number of things, some of which were necessary and some of which were diversionary. The latest project was to remove the raspberry patch because it was damaged by deer invading our yard this past winter. In the photo, I am turning over the soil as the plan is to put in some potatoes, spinach, zucchini, and squash. I hope to finish the turning of the soil by tomorrow at some point.

Raising the fence at the front of the backyard.

Yesterday, I raised the fence between my yard and the neighbour’s driveway, one of the entry points for the deer. The old fence was raised about a half-foot. I will make sure that…

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What doctors should tell patients about nudism

True benefits of being naked!

My Blog

Nudism is beneficial. It is good for our health and well-being. By going nude it would improve our overall health and well-being, as long as we also do our part to exercise regularly and eat healthy as well. Nudism deserves to be into health information a lot in the world. Let’s change the way nudism is. Doctors should tell patients to practice nudism. Here’s what doctors should tell patients to practice nudism.

Nudism has been proven to prevent Lyme disease, so doctors should tell patients to practice nudism in order to prevent Lyme disease.

Doctors should tell patients to exercise naked to avoid too much sweating from exercising clothed. All gyms should allow nude exercising too.

Doctors should tell patients to only hot tub or swim naked because it’s better, more relaxing and healthier.

Doctors should tell patients to go naked in the sun in moderation on a nice summer…

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Heroes of naturism #2: Melanie Roberts

An inspired woman

Naked Historia

I’m guessing that a few or you were thinking, “Who?” until you noticed the photo below, at which time it became quite obvious who Melanie Roberts is.  She was the woman who joined Stephen Gough in walking the 874 miles from Land’s end to John O’Groats naked back between 2005 and 2006.  With the repeated arrests and continued imprisonment of Gough, Melanie’s contribution has tended to be forgotten.


Stephen is a well known and controvertial figure who has been in the news a lot.  Some people consider him a hero whilst others question his sanity.  His wife left him over his public nudity and his refusal to dress has led him to spend most of the last decade in one prison or another.  There are naturists who think he is doing naturism more harm than good.  His most recent imprisonment is definitely a travesty.  I admire Gough but sometimes question…

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