Bare Practitioner Pride!

Good thoughts!

ReNude Pride

Bare Practitioners Trail entrance!

As bare practitioners (same gender loving naturists/nudists) we wholeheartedly embrace, encourage and endorse the following character traits of our community and our culture:

Acceptance: of our body and clothes freedom nature and our sexuality.

Belief: in our inalienable and natural right to determine and to be ourselves.

Confidence: in all of us to be what and who we basically and honestly are without any apology, guilt or shame.

Dedication: in advocating and supporting these principles for everyone, no matter who they are and where they live.

Pride: our shining star!

As bare practitioners we all know that we are entitled to and experience our pride throughout the entire year. Confidence and self-expression are not limited and/or restricted to just the month of June, annually. Pride month is when we, as both a community and a culture, remind the the rest of humanity of who we all…

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Work Naked Day

I like working naked too

…(the first Friday in February), was started by Lisa Kanarek in 2010 as a way to celebrate the freedom to work from home at a time when that was very unusual.

Fortunately, I’m in semi-retirement, which means I don’t have to go to the office any more. My wife still enjoys going to work and bringing up the youngest, so housework is my new job.
Today, Feb. 04, 2022 on #WorkNakedDay #WorldNakedDay2022 I did the housework in my birthday suit (like most of the time).

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Nude Across America Pt.23 Leelanua Peninsula

A lovely walk in nature

The Free Range Naturist


Just so you know…Part 24, Lake Shelbyville, was published out of sequence, by the fingers of a sleepy naked guy on a couch. Once it is done….

We’re looking for a secluded place, a spiritual experience, fewer people, certainly no crowds, solitude. I figured that it would be up here in this part of Michigan, as I remember it. It feels down right crowded today, in the height of the summer season. Things have changed. There is plenty of countryside, but it is all private lands. People are packed in otherwise.

The public lands are near. Big Bear Dunes, again as I remember, are fun and there may be a spot just south of them, down the coast of Lake Michigan, where people don’t go, much.

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A question of Modesty

This is a good view

A Road less travelled

I saw a video on YouTube in response to the reaction to a song by Matthew West called Modest is hottest. The response the video was addressing had come from a “progressive Christian” source. The response had criticised the song as being too restrictive. There was more to it than that. The makers of the video believe very strongly in scriptural authority. I’m with them on that. But I felt that they were rejecting the criticism because of where it was coming from. This post comes from my response to that video. It was 6 months in the making. I have expanded on my response a little, but it is basically what I posted. I am including the lyrics to the song to give a little context to my post.

“Modest Is Hottest” by Matthew West

Dear daughter, it’s me your father
I think it’s time we had a talk

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Naked Except Not Really (via Naturist

I’m 3rd row down, 4th from right

The Shaven Circumcised Nudist Life

But there’s an important caveat. Even though the WSJ article subtitle declares “Hollywood’s male stars aren’t scared of full-frontal nudity anymore” — stars There’s been a huge amount of support among naturists, nudists and nude-friendly folk lately for campaigns like #NormalizeNudity, #NormalizeNaturism, and #IAmTheFaceOfNaturism. Continue to source:

Naked Except Not Really (via Naturist

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