Clothes hide the ‘real you’.


Some powerful words from a lovely man

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I’ve documented on my blog and articles on other blogs on how naturism has given me courage, self-respect and self-esteem unlike any other ‘therapy’.

I have struggled with Ankylosing Spondylitis for years, it has left me with a fused spine which is stooped, a neck that turns very little and two total hip replacements, visually I’m scarred and not your average person.

The act of removing clothes is so much more than just being naked, it removes the stigma of disability, money, social standing and stress that society gives me. I feel unencumbered, free, open and just like any other naked person.

I look in a mirror and see the real Martin, the ‘me’ that has suffered through pain, unhappiness, homophobia, disability BUT being naked cleanses me of all that sadness, I feel light and happiness radiating from me, a strength of courage, bravery, love and respect that comes from…

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The Colours of the Sky and the Rays of the Sun


The joys of being out in nature!

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The forecasters on all the channels on radio and television have been continuously mentioning just how mild the weather has been during the last week. For November records have been broken up and down the country with temperatures regularly hitting the mid teens Celsius.
Taking advantage of this for an hour or two we’ve been going out with the cameras seeing what we can shoot. There are some areas in Essex where forests dominate the landscape…Thorndon, Writtle and Epping Forest being just three.

Over the last few months and with the aid of a new zoom lens I’ve managed to get some great shots of the great British countryside and also at the same time explore some of the wildlife many people see as pests…Insects.

At other times I’ve stumbled across places and wildlife most people never see mainly because they don’t even get out of their car and go…

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Heroes of Naturism


Be a hero like these people!

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Just as racism and homophobia exist to varying degrees around the world, so does bigotry against nudists. It might seem offensive to equate the two, but in countries like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, where women who refuse to cover their faces can be jailed, beaten and raped, the comparison seems more appropriate. Unlike homosexuality, becoming a nudist is a choice, and yet that choice is a fundamental part of my identity. I see little difference between a person’s faith and a belief in the innocence of the human body. The fear that exists among transgendered people, the pressure to conform, to continually hide from scrutiny, are feelings many nudists can relate to.

Nudity harms no one, neither physically nor psychologically, and yet we can never be as we are born, never live as nature intended. The reason is rooted in outdated taboos, from a time when slavery was sanctioned by God, women were stoned for…

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Over the Big Pond


The origins on Naturism!

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For over 99 % of known human existence our ancestors lived in communal nudity. Until loom technology emerged in Asia about 6,000 years ago, clothing wasn’t an available option anywhere on the planet unless one was into fur, a bad choice for humid days. All children grew up knowing exactly what others of their fellow species looked like. Modesty was presumably not a burning issue, and the notion that human bodies were obscene would never have been imagined. Unless taught otherwise, body acceptance was as natural as life and self-acceptance.Nudity was not always taboo in Europe, of course. Those prime contributors to Western Civilization, the ancient Greeks, found the nude human form both noble and artistically inspiring, competed nude in the Olympics for centuries, and sometimes even fought wars with nude combatants. Their cultural successors, the Romans, socialized nudity in their public baths, and nudity was often part of pagan…

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Jade Sambrook Naked on Rollerblades at the WNBR in Montreal


Great fun!

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If I am not mistaken it was a beautiful day in June of 2010 when I witnessed for the very first time the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in action. I was leaving the Rideau Mall in downtown Ottawa and noticed what appeared to be a group of naked people on bikes who were waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

I wondered if I was hallucinating and quietly asked myself if these folks were really naked. I allowed my eyes to get a closer look by focusing onto a bike seat: ”Yep, that is indeed a penis” I told myself.

The light turned green and off they went chanting slogans like ”more ass, less gas”! I put two and two together and concluded that it was the WNBR. I couldn’t help but think how awesome and liberating it must be to participate in such a ride.

For those who do not know what the World Naked Bike Ride is, or what exactly…

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