About Me

A little space to tell the world about me and my passion for being clothesfree in as much of my life as possible!

That means nude,naked,bare, not wearing anything!

So if you are offended by the sight of a naked human being, WHY?

I am like many others, do not have any shame in my body or that of others, and have no hangups about expressing in words and pictures my love for the clothesfree, natural, naturist style of living.

Take me as you find me, if you have any objections then dont look!

The following pages show me and others in indoor and outdoor naturally naked living!

Nothing like being clothes-free!

11 thoughts on “About Me”

      1. I don’t dislike clothes. I like to be nude here at home and any time I’m in the midst of like-minded guys. I love to admire their dicks and buns as well.

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About me and others – No Clothes Req!

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