Nudity is a complete natural and normal state

It is normal and natural to be naked

Naked and Happy

I woke up early to the rain this morning. Went to the kitchen, had a coffee and browsed the web for a while, enjoying various twitter and blog posts. Naked, sitting in my couch, watching the sun rise, I was fine, happy. I did not realize I was naked, this is my natural state all day (and night) long. I thought about the previous day. I have been naked the whole day, except when shopping for grocery as the store is located in the textile world. (My place is in the textile world but have been declared clothing optional, so no clothe needed to stay). I did some gardening, read a little while and did various activities all naked.

My garden is open so anybody can see me. On top of this, I have a walking path on one side of the garden, so walkers have a partial view of…

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