“Stop naming us” say MPs who voted for disability benefit cuts

Name and Shame them

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disability benefits

Conservative MPs who voted for £30 a week cuts in benefits for disabled people have asked today for people to stop naming them on social media so they can continue to claim huge expenses and lie about giving a shit.

London Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith angrily hit back that there were any conflicts of interest in his patronage of a disability charity. “What’s £30 anyway? I claim that for my pre-dinner drinks on a week-night. But putting it on twitter makes it look like a lot. It’s completely unfair and unrepresentative. People need to stop noticing these things.”

Indeed the sentiment has been echoed throughout the country amongst MPs made to feel mean by people noticing that they voted to effectively withdraw support from some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Nick Boles MP who claimed over £140,000 in expenses last year said that he was shocked, outraged and…

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Police, nudity and topless women

Would you Adam and Eve it in this day and age surely the authorities should know better and they have radios so should communicate to HQ to get the facts!

Thoughtful Naturist

At one of the start points of the 2017 London WNBR in Regent’s Park, a small group of bemused police officers approached some nude people seemingly sure they were breaking the law. They were not, better informed people were on hand to explain the law and also to tell them the ride had been approved by police in order to comply with the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 which imposes tight restrictions on peaceful protest in Parliament Square. The attention of the police was also drawn to the Crown Prosecution Service’s document, “Nudity in Public – Guidance on handling cases of Naturism”. Put simply, being nude in a public place is not illegal. Once they realised that, the police visibly relaxed and even seemed to enjoy the prospect of what they saw, peaceful people congregating to ask in a gentle demonstration for a more human centred world…

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The Naturist Foundation: a sort of Butlins in the buff!

Perfectly Au naturel

Yeah That English Guy, author Tom Conrad

FullSizeRender (6)

I’ve never looked at a woman’s eyes so much. This weekend I realised women’s eyes are really quite beautiful: they have two, usually either side of their nose. Thirty minutes after sitting down I could tell you the eye colour of every woman at the table, only daring the occasional and polite stare at their exposed nipples or bottoms as they headed to the loo or beer tent. Of course I’m exaggerating a fair bit and getting well ahead of myself. Let me explain and offer a little context… A few days ago I received an invite to a jazz and beer festival. A journalist friend of mine invited me to be her plus one. There’s a slight catch, she quickly added. It’s at a naturist resort in Kent. Never one to be deterred by a bit of wobble (or Kent), I agreed to go, my friend and I…

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I love being naked!

Interesting thoughts

belle noowelle

There! Confession for you. I fcking love being naked. Like fully naked (okay maybe with socks on). I don’t know what it is. I just love it.

The place where I live has a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom, but my bedroom is my own personal space. Well, sorta, there is no lock on my door so it’s not super private, but when the door is closed, people usually don’t come in without knocking. So I can do basically all I want.

And sometimes, all I want is to be naked 🙂 Really, it’s such an awesome feeling. Having nothing touching your skin. Being able to touch anything you wanna touch, with nothing in the way. It’s looooove.

I started to sometimes sleep naked a while ago. That was safe, but still fun. After a while, I put on a bathrobe, grabbed some breakfast from the kitchen and went…

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…And This is What the Cops Saw

8 officers what a waste of resources plonkers

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

Yesterday we posted the story of how our most recent park visit, downtown in the vicinity of the Statue of Liberty (for maximum irony), briefly got interrupted by eight police officers hopeful they might persuade us not to do what we have every right to do (or maybe just eager for a good look). Now you can judge for yourself whether what they saw constituted an affront to decency and civility.

IMG_8605IMG_8814Happily the police decided it did not, or at least had to concede that they had no legal right to intrude. So off they slunk and we continued having the very relaxing, very pleasant afternoon we’d been having before they showed up.

IMG_8622Books read ranged from Sense and Sensibility to SoHo Sins, from Stephen King’s classic It to Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 to Megan Abbott and Alison Gaylin’s brand new comic book Normandy Gold

IMG_8771IMG_8798IMG_8778Oh, and the Sunday Times 

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Goodbye, My friends!  RIP All-Nudist

a sad repost

All Nudist

It’s time, folks.  We’ve spent ten years trying to counter the crap that passes for ‘nudism’ and ‘naturism’ online, especially for the sake of newcomers.  We’re pleased to see many more useful websites than there were when we began, and like to think that we may have inspired some of them.

Many more good ones have gone their way, victims of burnout and busy webmasters.  But the beat goes on!

450276_origI, Steve, am incurably ill, and have been denied the transplant that could have made a difference.  It’s only a matter of time now.  Maybe weeks, maybe months with exceptional treatment.  Either way, I have more on my plate than continuing to operate this website any longer.

Don’t weep for me; I’ve had a great life and leave with few regrets.  We just hope you have gotten something from our efforts even if we’ve not always agreed!

There’s little more…

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