camp Gymnasium at Burning Man 2015

Not last year but a good insight to a great festival where clothes are not required!

Active Naturists

Here comes our report from Burning Man festival this year, when 18 of us gathered together to create a camp themed around Gymnasium as an Ancient Greek institution for athletics, philosophy and socializing. You can read more about the concept of our camp on its own webpage; we launched this project a few months earlier at FreeForm Festival, and here you can see how it came about at the festival of festivals, Burning Man. (But keep in mind that this is by no means an attempt to write about the festival as a whole, there simply “too much” fun stuff happens to be able to grasp more than just a fraction of it.)

After months of preparation, the last days before the festivals were very exciting but also a bit scary – with this endeavor being our first experience as such a theme camp, something was likely to go wrong! Indeed, our…

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Walker Basin Trail #136 Pt.1: A Trip Report

A wonderful hike!

The Free Range Naturist


After a day babysitting grand-daughter, we are on our way south to the cute little town of Patagonia. We get ice for the cooler at a Tucson convenience store and immediately strip in the parking lot. Tonight, we will get closer to the trailhead for an early morning hike, high into the southern end of the Santa Rita Mountains.

On the way south, I have DF read an article in the latest issue of “N” Magazine about “naking” or naked hiking. We decide that we are not too fond of the contraction, but the attitude fits well. The authors stated that they have been hiking the Appalachian Trail for years, nude. They don’t cover up, they just act as if they are oblivious that they are naked and hundreds of people during encounters, have treated them in that way in the exchanges. I had written out my thinking on…

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Brighton Naked Bike Ride 2017 – Freshness

A real story of the ride!

steve ritter

Since the earliest World Naked Bike Ride events in the UK, US and Netherlands on 12 June 2004, the phenomenon has spread to six continents and dozens of countries. The UK itself now has rides in more than twenty towns and cities yet, up to the end of last year, I had personally only participated in London. It was time to go further, so the day after London Naked Bike Ride 2017, Esther and I caught a train to Brighton.

Welcome to the Brighton Naked Bike Ride

Maps data © 20167 Google – from The Level (north) to the naturist beach (east)

On the Level

The ride was due to leave The Level at 1:30pm so we aimed to get there half an hour before. A discreet enclosure for bike ride participants was at the north end of the park but we found naked people roaming about freely…

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Some thoughts on our blog.

Wishing everyone a happy nude 2018!


Firstly a very happy new year to all our friends. Here’s to another year of naked fun times. And yes it should be fun. Sure, we all know it’s important to take naturism seriously on certain levels but getting naked with other like minded people or indeed alone is exciting, liberating and quite often very good fun indeed!


The human body is also a beautiful creation and there shouldn’t be any shame in appreciating it’s form from a more artistic or even sexual point of view. These things are natural and beautiful. We have had some criticism that some of our photos are a little too suggestive and that a lot are posed but we have to say we really don’t care if this offends.

We enjoy taking our candid naturist photos but we also enjoy doing more artistic and posed modelling shoots. It’s part of who we are and…

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The World Naked Database

It’s only a body so …..

the sl naturist

I’m in that period of my year where next year’s holidays begin to loom large, and thoughts of 2018’s holidays are uppermost in my mind.

Something to look forward to in the cold, dark nights of a European (or North American) winter.

Of course, it’s not all a bed of roses, as international terrorism has led to a situation where flying is something to be endured rather than enjoyed. Personally, I find it a bloody awful experience.

We’ll probably endure another round of media scare stories about being ‘seen in the nude’ by airport X-ray machines.

Not only can the authorities see your penis…

..they can process the x-rays to a positive and effectively see you fully nude. Breasts, vulva….the lot!

Or can they? Or should we even care?

Here I am, in SL, on an aircraft, in negative form, the photo from a post from last year’s ‘Postcards from…

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