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Bits and Bums

Sometimes I have a blog idea and go out of my way to get a photo – sometimes I have a photo and write a blog about it.

Last month I wrote a blog titles “9 Months of Sharing” my journey into nakedness – and I think it deserves a follow up on things I’ve learned and observed. From sitting naked on my bed one afternoon and coming up with the idea of sharing my story – to where I am now – I am amazed, grateful, and humbled, and also realizing I still have so much to learn and discover. I think the biggest realization is how serious a lot of people take nudism or naturism. I know I have many a times referenced my unpublished post called “Shedding Clothes and Labels” where I discuss my thoughts on this and put off posting because of fear of reprisal and…

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Az. Fall Part two: Even More Stunning!?!

A wonderful account of true naturism in nature.

The Free Range Naturist


We’re in a remote Arizona canyon. The weather is wonderfully warm for November. The Fall foliage is stunning. We don’t know it yet, but it gets even better the further back into the canyon that we go.

See “Part I” here:

The next morning, we start at our leisure. I had been up for a surprisingly warm orange juice colored sunrise, but went back to bed.

Voices are heard. Two or three hikers walk by briskly up the canyon. They are the only ones about. They probably came from that group of RV’s a couple of miles down the road. This is a vast playground, all to our naked selves.

Today, we will continue upstream.  Yesterday, the color got more dramatic, the further we went up the canyon. I wonder if it will continue as that. We will walk at our leisure, immersed in it all, cameras recording…

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Arizona Fall Colors Pt.1

Wonderful rambles and pure nature

The Free Range Naturist


After an hour and forty-five minutes of naked highway cruising, we’re off of the pavement leaving some huge irrigation farms behind. I stop in the middle of the road in a long straight stretch and turn off the engine. I climb out naked head to toe into the silent plains to turn the wheel locks into a four wheel drive high setting for stability. The dusty red dirt is pleasing on my feet. A sense of freedom comes over me, as I gaze out across flat miles in every direction. I would certainly be alerted to any intrusion to this space, by a dust cloud in the distance.

There are twenty-five miles of this dirt road still ahead.  We’re off again. I look in my rearview mirror. A great plume of terracotta dust trails behind us, as we cruise through a plain of tall golden grasses in open range…

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And you’re STILL trying to tell me…

Naturally naked

Aching for Eden

We have a friend who has created some memes that are funny, but insightful and thought provoking. He let us use them in this post as well as in a collection on our own memes page.

Below I’ve combined these memes with some commentary from Fig Leaf Forum:

No one believes that God would ask one of His faithful servants to sin, and yet here He asks Isaiah to remove all his clothing for a period of three years. Actually, in this passage voluntary nakedness is commanded and involuntary nakedness is prophesied. When God asked His prophet to undress, Isaiah did so willingly and without shame. But notice that it was to be a sign to the Egyptians and Cushites that one day soon they would be led away in a state of shameful nakedness as captives. It was a common practice in those days to strip prisoners in…

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Nude Across America Pt.12: WNHD Two

How wonderful to hike here

The Free Range Naturist


In Vermont, it is day two of the World Naked Hiking Day group hike. Day One has gone splendidly, sunny and friendly. Read all about it here:

There had been rain at dawn, but we’re going to get sunny weather today for the hike. In the tent, it was noisy enough to wake us up early, but we were dry.

Some quick oatmeal and we’re off.

We arrive to a full parking lot, again. There are twenty naked men. Several are new faces, today.

The number of women hikers has dwindled to one, which is DF. She is fine with that.  As the only woman, she isn’t being treated with a whole lot of special attention. We are all focused on the day and the trail’s hike.

In a full lot, we move vehicles to fit in and then another one shows up. Once again it takes a…

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Owning My Nakedness (& my blood)

A real article by a very with it woman

Esther Bunting

There is a photo of me as a child aged about 5, walking in a field of long grass on a Summer’s day with my Dad. It would have been around 1982. I’m smiling and very much in a happy place. I’m also naked. Dad isn’t, but that hadn’t seemed odd at the time. His hair is a bit wild and beard looking very 70s, the way I remember him when I was young. Hair-wise, he has returned to a similar state since lockdown, but that’s another story. The point is, I was naked and free, and without a sense of shame. How very fortunate in all sorts of ways. An image like that now can provoke hysteria in the media or just in people’s heads, such is the cultural taboo firstly around any kind of nakedness, but much more than that, a child’s nakedness. Innocence has been removed/hidden/safeguarded. It…

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Nude Across America Pt.11: WNHD Day 1

A great story of true naked hiking in Vermont

The Free Range Naturist

2021-06-19 and 2021-06-20

I wrap my kilt around my waist ready for a bottomless ride across New York State. Our journey begins in this driveway in Buffalo and will end with nude friends at a campground, somewhere in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We say our goodbyes. DF and her brother have those tears that dear ones share.

By the time we have arrive at the end of the block, you can hear the rip of separating Velcro at my waist and DF is pulling her dress over her head and folding it up. We have been dressed during our nude journey for plenty long enough and bare skin is liberation.

We’re on our way to the semi-organized “World Naked Hiking Day” in Vermont. We’re about to meet cyber friends that I have been corresponding with for years, in the flesh. We’re more than ready.


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Chunk a Dunk

A new blog on nakedness I’ve found

Bits and Bums

Dusk into Sunset at our own little beach

It’s pretty well known about Jay and my stance on nudity and seeking out naked adventures. Our friends are either supportive or right there along side us. My family thinks its hilarious – heck my Dad has taking a lot of our photos when Jay forgets to pack a tripod. Jay’s family – a little more conservative – only knowing the bare (pun intended) minimum. Coworkers on the other hand – is something we’ve both kept blissfully ignorant. Spanish Banks is code for Wreck Beach (locals will get the reference) if anyone ever asks “what beach did you go to last weekend.” It’s not that we are ashamed by any means – just a healthy separation of work and play. I didn’t break the rule when I told one of my co-workers about our passion for nakedness – but more of a…

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Images of Naturism – What Is, What Isn’t?

Naturist and non-naturist

Just Another Nudist Blog


Tumblr is, first and foremost, a visual site.  The things which are reblogged most are gifs and pictures.  People here are interested in images first, and words second.  That’s not a bad thing, just a sign of how the site works.  Microblogging needs to make a quick impression on people, to be recognised.  Pictures are quicker for this than words are.

So we share images here and, as naturists, we share images which represent naturism to us. 

But not every image of a naked person is a naturist image.  Many naturist blogs reblog images which, while of nude people (especially women) are not representing naturism.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  You can represent nudity in a positive light without using an image that is specifically showing naturism – I do it and so do many blogs I follow. 

But it’s useful to be able to understand the…

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