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How did you fall in love with the nudist lifestyle?

When I was younger, I used to head down the surf coast a lot with my friends. I started dabbling with topless sunbathing, exploring the more secluded areas of the beach. I didn’t want to be… looked at in a certain way, and I wasn’t trying to be sexual, so I ended up at nude beaches, thinking people might be less inclined to stare.

In 2015, I was on a solo backpacking trip. At this stage, I’d spent the last few years visiting a lot of nude beaches, but in Montenegro that year I put my name down for WOOFING (free accomadation in exchange for work at a campsite/farm).

This place I signed up for – it was ‘eco friendly’, which I assumed was some sort of nature reserve. Turns out it was 

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I Forgot My Clothes!

Forget your clothes!

ReNude Pride

I’ve written here of my experience while as an undergraduate student at university of working as a nude model for the art classes there. For those who missed my earlier post, please click the following title for a direct link: Posing NudeOne aspect of my employment that I neglected to mention was a hazard of posing naked, although “hazard” is perhaps too negative a word to use.

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5 Reasons To Get Naked More Often

All very good reasons. I’m hooked!

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know I love when mainstream press or websites mention positively nudism and naturism. This article from MindBodyGreen is one of those. The author, Samantha Rose, explains in plain and simple words how she discovered social nudity in a spa in Austria and how it completely changed her mind regarded nudity. Without going into to many details around her story, here are the 5 reasons she explains in her article:

  1. “Perfect” is an illusion
  2. Being vulnerable in front of others is a good thing
  3. When you judge other people, you judge yourself
  4. When you become comfortable being naked, you’ll feel less inclined to wear makeup and heels
  5. Baring your bits to Mother Nature feels really good

I really think with all the discussions lately on body shame and beauty perfection, this is just spot on. It resonates even more coming from…

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A Safe Space for Women and our Bodies

Well thought out!


We live in a world where women’s bodies are constantly either sexualized or dehumanized – or often both. We are not allowed to exist independently of the social (particularly male) gaze. Whether we are leered at and pursued against our will, or we are ignored and dismissed, or we are mocked or ridiculed, there is one thing that is true for almost all women: we are not allowed to live freely in our bodies and our lives. We constantly have to adjust to protect ourselves, to shield ourselves, and to make ourselves less of a target as we go about our daily lives.

We live in a society where girls as young as 5 years old think they’re “too fat.” Girls and women are constantly told that our bodies aren’t “good enough” – in a myriad of profitable ways by a myriad of companies and institutions out for our money…

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Naturism and Images – It’s All About the Intention – Part 1

Thoughts on showing oneself naked

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Genital free “safe” image. Obviously nude but not threatening.

There is a continual controversy on Twitter and on other social media sites that purport to deal with naturism, that argue about images that are tagged as naturist where and when the genitals are seen. I know I waver back and forth between allowing full frontal images of myself and “safe” photos where body positioning or judicious cropping takes care of the possibility of offending. But when I do this, I become the problem. At that moment, I stop being authentic and hope that somehow I can be in the collective, well at least a small corner of the collective.

See me? I have a Penis.

Many of the images are blatantly not about naturism, but rather about individuals desperately posting images of themselves with the focus fully on their genitals – “see me, I have a penis … am I…

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Bottoms-Up! September, 2017

And so say all of us!

ReNude Pride

Today is the last day of September, 2017. The month began with those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere enjoying our Summer and ends with us now beginning Autumn. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the joys of Spring are now upon you. Have fun in your period of seasons-in-the-sun! Wherever you live, the reason I selected the lead photo for this post (aside from the subject’s buttocks) is the fact that he’s partially in the shade and partially in the sunlight. To me, it reflects the seasonal transition.

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About me and others – No Clothes Req!