ESPN’s Body Issue and the Naturist

Maturism and ESPN

The Full Vermonty

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 9.14.14 AM A cover of ESPN’s Body Issue

I’ve always been two minds about the ESPN Body Issue. The positives are that they show strong bodies designed to complete impossible-seeming tasks. Though they are all athletes, not everyone has a 2% body fat composition, so they manage to celebrate the human form, but not just one type of human form. And they are unabashed that this is not a swimsuit issue; those bodies – well-known “models” from the world of sports – are nude.

The negatives derive from how they frame the issue. Each year, they promote these as “Bodies We Want.” On the one hand, this could be a throwaway line. But on the other, it fetishizes a certain type of body – the strong, athletic, heavily worked-out body – as the ideal, the one worthy of our gaze. And admiration. It can be a backhanded way of contributing to body…

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Tats & Pubes & Nudists

I have 2 small tattoos and shave my pubes but each to their own!


Ah, the age-old debate around tattoos and pubic hair. Let’s also throw in piercings because that seems to get almost as much attention in online nudist circles as the other two. In every online nudist community that I have ever joined, be it the cloud of nudists on Twitter, an online forum, or Reddit, the question of tattoos, pubic hair, and body piercings inevitably springs up. So let’s talk about that. Not the tattoos, pubes, and piercings themselves, but why we keep returning to the topic.

First, not all questions about these big three “issues” are created equal. They tend to range in depth and agenda, but most of them fall either under the category of curious inquiry or moralistic judgment. To be completely honest, I have seen both of these angles discussed ad nauseam, but it’s the moralistic judgment category that I find most problematic. The reason it…

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March Transitions…

A new season, a nude year.

ReNude Pride

One of the aspects of the month of March that I really appreciate is that it is always a time of transition, of going places, of movement. It is the month where, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere we begin in the season of Winter and by the end of the month we are undergoing the change into the season of Spring. The outdoor temperatures may not always reflect the difference but mentally, we know that it is happening.

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