June Is GLBTQ Nude Pride Month!

Wise words for GLBTQ month! I’m not gay but we should all live together in mutual respect.

ReNude Pride

Today is June 1, the very first day of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (GLBTQ) Nude Pride Month here at ReNude Pride. As I explained last year in my first post for the month of June, 2017, as a same gender loving (gay) man, I always combine the gay pride month with nude pride to create our own unique celebration. It’s a month the commemorate the fact that we’re both GLBTQ persons and we’re bare practitioners (naturists/nudists) and equally proud of both of those aspects of ourselves.

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Bottoms-Up! May, 2018

Bare your Buttocks!

ReNude Pride

If today is the last day of the month of May, 2018, then we all know that this is our Bottoms-Up! Day here on this site, ReNude Pride. A time when we celebrate not only just the passing of another month but the wondrous beauty of the bare male buttocks and the fantasies that they inspire! During this warm-weather season, please remember to bare yours as much and as often as possible so you can grace the world with your glories!

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Fairweather nudist tendencies

A great example of clothing-optional co-existence

My little travel blog

I’ve just spent a fantastic five hours lying in the sun at Platja dels Balmins, the beach next door to our hotel here in Sitges. It was bliss.

Aside from the uninterrupted sunshine and the light, cooling breeze, I think it was the most civilised beach I’ve been to.

Reflecting on it as I packed up to leave a short time ago, I realised:

  • Nobody was playing their music publically, inflicting it on others
  • Nobody was cooking anything
  • Nobody was shouting or screaming or otherwise causing a fuss

I was struck that the only sounds I could hear were lots of laughter and the waves as they crashed on the shore. Everyone was being sensitive to the needs of those around them, not inpinging on their space and generally being friendly.

I loved it.

And it was in sharp contrast to our time on the beach in South Beach…

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The evolution of the Naked and Happy blog

Happiness is…. being yourself without any constraints and that includes no clothes, naked, natural.

Nudie News


You may have noticed a few changes of my blog over the last weeks. It’s the beginning of an evolution that will span many months to come. It all started with the change of hoster to Dreamhost (a real dream hoster). This allows more flexibility in customization and ads (do let me know if ads are too annoying for reading the blog, as they just should be there to help monetize the blog without being a nuisance). The site theme will evolve over the course of the year to reach the level of minimalism I want to reach, by balancing images, text and space. More evolutions to come.

Naturism, wellness, and happiness!

Change continued with the tag line: Naturism, wellness, and happiness! Naturism is all about communal nudity and respect to the environment. It helps body acceptance and body consciousness. I feel it helped me a lot in choosing…

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New guidelines in the UK could mean that we’ll be seeing more GENITALS on TV as of next year

Wow nude isn’t rude


THE BBFC has carried out market research on nudity in TV.

We could be seeing a lot more skin from our favourite stars of TV and film as full-frontal nudity could soon be heading to our screens.

Market research has been carried out by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) about a number of issues on British TV.

The results on the research means that we could be seeing a lot more nudity on our screens starting next year – more specifically, erect penis’.

According to the BBFC boss David Austin, Brits are becoming a lot more relaxed about seeing full-frontal nudity in movies and on TV and we could see a lot more erections from 2019.

Speaking to Radio 4, he said: “These days if you have an erection on screen, the issue is is it a 15 level erection or an 18 level erection.

“We’ve been consulting…

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The Bare Prince

Nude is not rude Prince Harry!

ReNude Pride

Most of us can recall the 2012 incident where Prince Harry was surreptitiously caught unawares and totally bare (naked, nude) in a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The entire affair saturated the media for almost a week and earned the ginger royal and naked highness a stern, private rebuke from his grandmother, H. M. Queen Elizabeth II. It seems that nudity was not considered appropriate behavior for a person of his rank and stature as a scion of the Windsor Dynasty. However, no one lost their head in the matter and his grandmother is still queen.

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