SEX ON THE BEACH: Why a Newbie Naturist Should NOT Visit Cap d’Agde!

Never been – love Euronat though!

The Meandering Naturist

We’ve been at least a half dozen times over the past twenty years, usually staying for two or three nights en route to another naturist destination. Butthis time, we were simply making a day visit with a couple friends – one a confirmed naturist, the other, new to the concept, but most certainty social nudity curious.

We did the best we could to prep them for this visit to the Naked City. For our naturist friend, this was something of a pilgrimage, having read so much about the most expansive naturist enclave in the world. And to be sure, depending where you’re looking on the internet, the place sounds like naturist Utopia. 24/7 nudity – in the shops, restaurants, and even in the post office. You can easily think you’ve got a good pulse on the place on the web without bumping into the language about foam parties and…

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A Course of Miracles

This is pure naturist bliss!

The Free Range Naturist

Late June 2019

The cicada are busy. They are an odd bug with a short bulbous body and longer cellophane wings. The winter rains, or the seven year itch, have brought them on in force.  I’m not sure why it is that they are so active. Perhaps I tune them out during their seasonal comings and try to forget the chatter of their wings, but I’m also seeing more of them.

Today I’ll sit on the porch and listen. It will be one-hundred-something Fahrenheit by afternoon. The sun is already warm this morning, as I step out the front door. I wince at the glare from the east. It’s kind of bright when seen through sleepy morning eyes that are used to being closed.

There is the warmth all down my right side as I face north and listen. The cicada chatter. Like crickets they tend to ebb and flow…

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Naturism and the Christian religion

Worth a thought or 2!

Twonaturists Blog

(A note prompted by a tweet outraged by the fact that Canadian authorities apparently arrested a Christian street preacher while allowing a naked bike ride)

Am I alone in being confused about why Christians are so offended, sometimes to the extent of being enraged, by nudity?

Firstly, cards on the table. I was brought up in an evangelical Christian home in England. My father is a lay preacher and my brother is ordained in the Church of England. I am, however, an atheist. For me, the conflict between Christian belief and the reality of the world in which I found myself was just too stark.

Secondly, this note is in reference to the Christian religion because that is the religion with which I am familiar. Most other religions have a similar phobia of nudity but I am not sufficiently versed in other religions to be able to comment on the…

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Naked Truths: The Downsides

Many more upsides than downsides!

There are seemingly an infinite number of benefits to being a naturist.  Positive body image, increased self confidence, reduced stress, improved sleep, it goes on forever.  I have touched on all of these in one way or another in previous blogs and maybe I could write a whole post putting it all in one place, maybe I will.  The truth of it though is that it is not all sunshine and roses all the time.  Becoming a naturist will have some draw backs, some big, some small, others just depend on how you perceive it.  Here are a few of the things I have come across in the few years that I have considered myself a naturist.

Is there such a thing as too much Vitamin D?

One of the first things I had problems with when I started out on my naturist path was that being a single male…

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Some Change

A wonderful collection of naturist natural living

The Free Range Naturist

Packin’ Ma Bags, Heading to the….

As I mentioned before, we have four or five springtime adventures, several shorts and articles to finish up. We have a four year anniversary in July and some unpublished stories out of the past that need reworked.

For four years, I’ve managed to consistently get out something every week. For the next weeks, I’ll make the attempt, but there is no guarantee that publication timing will not get erratic.

My house is finally selling, I’m moving after 20 years of accumulation. I’m beginning a transition into a whole new situation. I’ve become very busy, suddenly.

We had planned a couple of days here and there (all work and no play makes….), but DF has broken her toe and will be off uneven surfaces, like the trails, for a few weeks. Maybe, we could car camp and….

Oh well, this will pass. I love doing…

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Remembering Memorial Day

Just Bliss

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

We meet outdoors all summer long, and though the summer doesn’t actually start on Memorial Day, people tend to think of that long weekend as the proper start of the summer season.

Meaning: time for fresh fruit, cool beverages…

…good books, and lying in the sun.

Sometimes we do it with a whole crowd of friends, sometimes just a few of us. (And sometimes we meet new friends, like these lovely butterflies.)

But another new decoration on our favorite rooftop sundeck, all bright in her red, white, and blue finery, reminds us that Memorial Day marks endings as well as beginnings. Dating back to 1800s, the holiday was created to memorialize soldiers who died defending the country — and while we might not be the flag-waving type most of the time, we do appreciate the freedoms we have. Including the freedom to read and write what we wish, the freedom…

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The Sun Says Nothing When You Are Not Here

Love this!

Bruised Rose Blossoms

If I reach into your traveling star
will these hands turn to ash?

If I can no longer picture your calming eyes
in my imagination are you then gone
from my weary hearthfire?

Do the glowing embers fall silent the moment
I have forgotten the places where
we practiced our cosmic devotions?

When this time has passed
I am still not whole and no one
can save all these mists of rain,
alien roses gone green,
misty mountain spires blackened
by the pummeling fists of time.

I am the creator who wants to crush fear,
knowing this rushing onslaught of unasked-for doubt
and heart instability rises like bile from our thrashing chests.

In a moment I am gone.
Alone until the end,
the soul-missle has self-destructed.

We are children of detonation,
the demolished remnants cleared away
to make room for something new.

This could not be prevented.
Souls twist on…

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