To Pledge To Being Bare

I took the pledge a long time ago!

ReNude Pride

As we are now into the dawn of a new year, those reading here who have felt a curiosity about nudity but always hesitated about giving it a try, make a promise to yourselves now to experience it in 2019! If you’ve often wondered about being a bare practitioner (naturist or nudist), why just think about it? Give it a try! Better to learn if it’s something that you enjoy now rather than sit back and just think about it. There’s no time like the present!

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State of ReNude Pride

A wonderful true nudist

ReNude Pride

As January is my anniversary month of publishing ReNude Pride here, I feel it is my solemn duty as a committed bare practitioner (naturist or nudist), a same gender loving (gay) man and as this site’s author, to deliver a “state of the blog” message to reiterate the purpose of this space and my dedication to upholding my sacred duty. Now, if that very verbose statement didn’t put anyone asleep, in simple terms, this is my time to remember why I do this!

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The Nudist Life Style

It’s a good reccomendation!

Site Title

I recommend the nudist life style for retirees, men and women. Your  enjoyment of  the freedom of nudity will  increase your life expectancy.There is no  age limit for nudists

 Young, middle age, and mature, like myself, all participate in the nudist life style. You will meet nudists from every race, nationality, color, and sexual preference. I have met and made nudist friends from around the world. All beautiful people with open minds and open hearts. Enjoy nudity in your home, backyard, and resorts with family and friends. Socialize in the nude, it’s wonderful. Get naked and enjoy life.

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