Naturism,Nudity and Christianity!

Does being a Christian conform with being a naturist? Well, I am both and see no conflict in being both naked and praying and conforming with the responsiblities of my faith! Here a naturist vicar shares his thoughts in this very lucid article:-  

I say my prayers as I was made – in my skin and here I am at my morning prayers, praying for peace in this world and harmony between all people whether clothed or not!




Born To Bare?

After my own heart!

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There are lots of taboos in life, nudity being one of them.  Until last spring I would have said it was taboo for me too.  Nudity was always seen as something to be ashamed of unless you had the ‘perfect body’ or something to keep behind closed doors, only for your partner to see.  This changed for me when I met the man who changed my life, he confided in me about how he used to visit the occasional naturist beach in his past or how when the sun was shining he liked to get naked in the garden, and although not shocked by this I was somewhat put off by the idea of trying it myself. After many discussions on the subject I was persuaded to visit our local naturist beach, St Osyth last June, and nervously stripped off on our arrival….and to be honest I’ve not looked back, it…

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