The Abnormalization of the Human Body

Such a true expression!

Live Nakedly

Save Daughter of the SunGiven my interest in body image and the normalization of the human form, you would think that I would have known about “Breastfeeding yoga mom,” whose Instagram photo went viral about two years ago.  In the photo taken in Hawaii, the mother is nude, upside-down in a yoga pose, and her baby is nabbing some nourishment.  It’s a pretty cool photo that captures the Mama Earth-centric life she and her family have embraced.

I did not come across this story until this week, when many of us discovered it via a “Where are they now?” piece (linked above) on news aggregating websites.  I thought the whole thing was great, and as with all things innocent, someone was bound to overreact.  Cue: them.

The viral nature of the story brought many people to Amy Woodruff’s website, Daughter of the Sun, and also to her social media outposts…

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July and the sun is here!

Yes, at last the sun and the heat are here and its been great to get out for a few naked walks and by the Thames is my fav spot, around an old fort thats a real sun-trap and watching the ships go up and down! Why wear clothes? Yukky, sticky skincovers!Image




Eternal Summers

The best way to be….


We never really thought of ourselves as nudists. It was not a culture, a philosophy, or a religion–it was just a place, a place where everyone thought it just fine not to wear clothes–and that’s what we did. 

Whenever I tell someone that I used to spend my summers on the nude beaches of southern France, their questions make it plain to me that they’ve never experienced anything even remotely similar. “It’s not really what you think,” I tell them. Then, even after giving it my best effort, most still do not overcome their stereotypical views of what it must have been like—a few do understand, however.

It was 1973. I was living and working in Bremen, a harbor town in northern Germany, not far from Hamburg. Although I had lived in numerous other places in Germany while a U.S. Army dependent, this was my first year in Germany by…

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About me and others – No Clothes Req!