Have a Naturist Break!

Clothes are optional

This seems like a good opportunity for groups of minimum 18-20 people.

The proprietor of the Cross Keys Hotel writes:

We have recently hosted a weekend break for 20 naturists at the Hotel and, as it was so successful – despite the rain stopping a planned walk and a clothed day out into Castle Douglas was substituted – we would like to host more.  These two day breaks must have at least 18/20 people as we close the Hotel/Bar/Restaurant (and the curtains) to the general public – with only invited guests allowed.

If anybody is interested in organising breaks – please contact me at enquiries@thecrosskeys-newgalloway.co.uk ,  web site  www.thecrosskeys-newgalloway.co.uk

Their web site says about the area:

The area around the New Galloway and the Cross Keys Hotel is known as The Glenkens which is a unique area of natural beauty with endless activities, things to see and  do and a must for anyone…

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Countryside Walking! Clothes-free the way to be!

It hasn’t been a good year weatherwise but there have been some nice days and I have tried to get outdoors in nature,naturally dressed(yes in my skin and nothing else). It is great to walk enjoying the sights and sounds of nature without the hindrance and constriction of any clothing(apart from shoes and sometimes without those too!).

There is a page on the “Saturday Walkers Club” website which gives info on naturist walking in England, see http://www.walkingclub.org.uk/walking/naked_walking.shtml and it shows it is NOT illegal and can be a nice way to walk.

So here I am, enjoying the countryside as it was meant to be enjoyed skindressed and natural, if you see me say hello, I don’t mind if you are dressed but I would appreciate it if you didn’t mind that I’m not! All the best!









My clothesfree life!

I just do not see the need for clothing except to give protection from hazards and the cold. If it is warm enough then why wear anything? In my 50 yrs as a naturist/nudist it seems maybe that message is getting across to more people! Will I ever be able to go shopping naked in my local high St? Prob not but here’s hoping!

At least I can drive clothesfree!(Yes sometimes!).



Well, as a naturist/nudist I would say that wouldn’t I? But ask yourself,is it really necessary to wear anything when the temperature is such that we sweat when we do wear clothes?

Apart from protection from the cold and harmful substances I hate wearing clothes! My skin is waterproof and fairly resistant to fluctuations in temperature,there is nothing shameful about the human body and after millions of years on this planet we should not be embarrassed,alarmed or distressed about seeing another human being without clothes, there are far more important things like world peace,global warming,poverty,food shortages,violence,robbery and murders to worry about. So here I am clothed and clothesfree and I prefer free!

Clothed and Free, I like being Free!

I believe all public areas should be open for people to wear or not wear what they wish and nudity should be allowed freely. Indeed, simple nudity in England and many other countries is not unlawful as long as there is no intention to alarm or distress other people, witness the many hundreds of naked cyclists and skaters riding through London and many other cities in UK and round the world last June and this June to come as part of the World Naked Bike Ride protest against world dependency on oil.

1200 naked people ride through London

I myself regularly walk clothesfree(well I do wear shoes and a smile!) in our lovely countryside and sometimes meet clothed walkers who almost all show no negative reaction as they see I am NOT “flashing” but like them enjoying nature NATURALLY.

Why wear clothes here?

Its nice when I meet up with the semi-wild ponies on one lovely area as they appreciate my natural attire!

I cannot see any reason to wear a costume in a swimming pool or on the beach, they only serve to draw emphasis to the parts they cover up, hold water and sand and are so uncomfortable. ALL municipal pools should allow costume-free swimming!

Benidorm Pool

At home I see NO reason to wear clothes, they get in the way, require washing and make me sweat, so I am just about always naked indoors. I do keep a pair of “bottoms” by the front door as I don’t want want to give offence to any prudes, but the postman and other regular callers accept me as I am!

Decorating naturally!

I do my domestic chores without clothes, painting and decorating is so much easier, no overalls to get dirty, a quick rinse under the shower suffices!

I see no reason to link simple nudity with sex (though many people do!) and if you read the late Pope John paul’s thesis on “Love and Responsibility” it details that there is no shame in simple nakedness, we can be naked before each other and feel no shame, the human body can remain uncovered and still retain its beauty.

So, I will continue what I have been since I was born, that is, a simple human being who loves being CLOTHESFREE!

Enjoying the sun and scenery!


About me and others – No Clothes Req!