wandering at Ostia Antica, inspired by Ancient Greek statues

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Happy Nude Year! Here is a treat for you, and hopefully some inspiration for the New Year! It would probably be more appropriate to post something winter-themed, like my Russian banya with an ice hole experience, but hey, it’s summer in Southern Hemisphere, and then there are parts of the world where it’s summer all the time, so here is something neutral, another collection of autumn photos. This one has been waiting to be published for a few years now, but it’s well worth a wait. Special thanks to Joe for photography.

naturist 0002 Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy

Ancient Greece, with its deep traditions of nudity in sports and other activities, has been an obvious inspiration for this website (look at out Gymnasion section), just like it was many ways inspirational to Romans. So, when we visited Ostia Antica, a large archeological site, which was the location of the harbour city of ancient Rome, we were…

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The Abnormalization of the Human Body

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Live Nakedly

Save Daughter of the SunGiven my interest in body image and the normalization of the human form, you would think that I would have known about “Breastfeeding yoga mom,” whose Instagram photo went viral about two years ago.  In the photo taken in Hawaii, the mother is nude, upside-down in a yoga pose, and her baby is nabbing some nourishment.  It’s a pretty cool photo that captures the Mama Earth-centric life she and her family have embraced.

I did not come across this story until this week, when many of us discovered it via a “Where are they now?” piece (linked above) on news aggregating websites.  I thought the whole thing was great, and as with all things innocent, someone was bound to overreact.  Cue: them.

The viral nature of the story brought many people to Amy Woodruff’s website, Daughter of the Sun, and also to her social media outposts…

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