A question of Modesty

This is a good view

A Road less travelled

I saw a video on YouTube in response to the reaction to a song by Matthew West called Modest is hottest. The response the video was addressing had come from a “progressive Christian” source. The response had criticised the song as being too restrictive. There was more to it than that. The makers of the video believe very strongly in scriptural authority. I’m with them on that. But I felt that they were rejecting the criticism because of where it was coming from. This post comes from my response to that video. It was 6 months in the making. I have expanded on my response a little, but it is basically what I posted. I am including the lyrics to the song to give a little context to my post.

“Modest Is Hottest” by Matthew West

Dear daughter, it’s me your father
I think it’s time we had a talk

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