Climate Change, Capitalism and Naturism

Be green, be Eco, be Naturist


In her book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, Naomi Klein describes how the first effects of climate change began in 1833 when the British government abolished slavery and compensated slave owners for their loss of “property.” This money was directly invested into the Industrial Revolution, funding factories, railways and steamships. This infrastructure then fuelled further colonialism and the burning coal of the steamships and railways sending heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.

Climate change began with capitalism and the commodification of bodies. And we will not avoid climate catastrophe without addressing the root causes and restructuring all the systems of oppression that our world as we know it relies upon. As naturists who espouse values of respect for self, others and the environment, we need to be advocating for environmental and economic policies that protect people and the land.

Capitalism should be antithetical to the values of naturism…

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