Sun & Showers

At a naturist hotel!

Living Life Natures Way

Monday was a day just like the previous two, we did very little and it was relatively warm, unfortunatly the sun didn’t make much of an appearance and mixed in with it, was the odd shower or two.

Undaunted after breakfast we stayed naked for the rest of the day until the evening,just lazing around on the terrace reading,drinking tea and coffee and relaxing after a few busy months.

In the evening we visited Bar Safari once more, this time enjoying a pizza bread, some drinks and watching the football.

The game was Aston Villa against West Ham which was goalless and had much less sparkle than the drinks we were consuming.

Tuesday saw a return to the glorious weather of the weekend, so we once again visted the beach and took in some more sun and frolicked in the sea avoiding most of the big waves.

The climate on…

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