Trending.. #NormalisingNaturism

Yes 2020 sees us folks who are nudists/naturists on twitter going for the #NormalisingNaturism, hopefully to make being naked,nude,clothes-free a part of as many lives as possible. 

It’s very eco-friendly as it takes 7000 litres of water to make 1 T-shirt, never mind washing it in it’s lifetime then possibly throwing into landfill. 

So let’s make the 2020 year naked, nude, bare, stripped, starkers and keep pushing the nudist mantra..”To be Naked is to be Yourself, to be Naked with others is to be at Peace with the World!” Eliminate bodyshame, embrace your body be it fat,thin,tall, short, whatever shape, age,colour, gender…Here’s me as I much prefer to be…Skindressed indoors and out! 





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