Happy 5th Anniversary Naturist Fab and the Acceptance of Body Image

A brilliant man!

Naturist Fab

I can’t believe Naturist Fab and The Acceptance of Body Image is 5 years old already!

The fact that I’ve had anything to write about for five years is an achievement in itself.

I am happy to follow like minded people here who follow me back. It’s a select group but a friendly one as well. Some with whom I have gotten to know and interact with.

Writing about naturism and body image is not an easy sell for anyone unacusstomed or ashamed about nudity.

Whether it be self-esteem or getting mixed messages that nudity equates to sex and porn on the internet or various social media outlets. STOP IT! We should not be put in that category! Nudity is normal and yes nudists DO have sex but do not display it in the open.

We are not born to be ashamed of our bodies but we are raised to…

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One thought on “Happy 5th Anniversary Naturist Fab and the Acceptance of Body Image”

  1. I think if we all weren’t so afraid of showing who we really are we wud hv sooo much more confidence. Its like the Peace era everyone just spread love.
    Maybe there wud be less arguments if we were all naked.
    Wonder what will happen when all washrooms and locker rooms become gender neutral. They are trying that here in Canada and a man wouldnt go in the washroom when I did even though there were stalls.
    I think a mountain has been made out of a mole hill.
    Keep on being yourself and congrats on writing so long

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