Naturism and the Christian religion

Worth a thought or 2!

Twonaturists Blog

(A note prompted by a tweet outraged by the fact that Canadian authorities apparently arrested a Christian street preacher while allowing a naked bike ride)

Am I alone in being confused about why Christians are so offended, sometimes to the extent of being enraged, by nudity?

Firstly, cards on the table. I was brought up in an evangelical Christian home in England. My father is a lay preacher and my brother is ordained in the Church of England. I am, however, an atheist. For me, the conflict between Christian belief and the reality of the world in which I found myself was just too stark.

Secondly, this note is in reference to the Christian religion because that is the religion with which I am familiar. Most other religions have a similar phobia of nudity but I am not sufficiently versed in other religions to be able to comment on theā€¦

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