The Santa Claus bubble

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Jillian Page

Who burst your Santa Claus bubble?

How old were you when you learned — or figured out — the truth about Saint Nick?

(If you are 6 years of age or younger, you should stop reading this now. If you are 7, well, “it’s marginal, right?” to quote a recent comment from President Trump.)

I can’t say I ever believed. And I can’t say anybody ever expected me to. Santa represented the act of gift-giving to me, and the backstory was nothing but myth and fairy tale. I knew who was leaving the presents under the tree.

(If you are 6 or younger and I just burst your Santa Claus bubble, well . . . I warned you two paragraphs ago to stop reading. If you are 7, well it was “marginal,”anyway, wasn’t it? Maybe it was time for you to learn the truth. Maybe it was past…

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