Chus Martinez On Nudism In Crimea

Naturism is brill!

Chus Martinez


Crimea has long tradition of nudism and communudism. It was the first place where Russians (repressed first by the Tzars and more recently by Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin) were able to gather together to enjoy a nudist lifestyle and social naturism. In the early 20th century, shortly after the German naturist movement emerged, the Ukrainian born Russian language symbolist poet, painter and freemason, Maximilian Voloshin established a nudist colony at his home in Koktebel.


Max Voloshin was inspired to pursue public nudism by the activities of a German organisation called the Freier Bund. Voloshin begins his essay On Nudism, first printed in Dnevniki pisatelej 1 (March 1914, pages 34-­40), with a sketch of that organisation:

The Freier Bund is the name of a German society whose goal is the physical and moral improvement of humanity through nudity. The society is located in Berlin. It has its own park at…

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