The Naturist Foundation: a sort of Butlins in the buff!

Perfectly Au naturel

Yeah That English Guy, author Tom Conrad

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I’ve never looked at a woman’s eyes so much. This weekend I realised women’s eyes are really quite beautiful: they have two, usually either side of their nose. Thirty minutes after sitting down I could tell you the eye colour of every woman at the table, only daring the occasional and polite stare at their exposed nipples or bottoms as they headed to the loo or beer tent. Of course I’m exaggerating a fair bit and getting well ahead of myself. Let me explain and offer a little context… A few days ago I received an invite to a jazz and beer festival. A journalist friend of mine invited me to be her plus one. There’s a slight catch, she quickly added. It’s at a naturist resort in Kent. Never one to be deterred by a bit of wobble (or Kent), I agreed to go, my friend and I…

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