I love being naked!

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There! Confession for you. I fcking love being naked. Like fully naked (okay maybe with socks on). I don’t know what it is. I just love it.

The place where I live has a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom, but my bedroom is my own personal space. Well, sorta, there is no lock on my door so it’s not super private, but when the door is closed, people usually don’t come in without knocking. So I can do basically all I want.

And sometimes, all I want is to be naked 🙂 Really, it’s such an awesome feeling. Having nothing touching your skin. Being able to touch anything you wanna touch, with nothing in the way. It’s looooove.

I started to sometimes sleep naked a while ago. That was safe, but still fun. After a while, I put on a bathrobe, grabbed some breakfast from the kitchen and went…

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