Lucidity vs Depression

Depression I have being carer for wife

Ally Fortis

Lucidity [loo-sid-i-tee]


1. thequalityofbeingeasilyunderstood,completelyintelligible,or comprehensible:


2. theabilitytoseethingsclearly;rationality;sanity:

Inararemomentoflucidity,thesenatorsidedwithhispolitical enemiesforthegoodofthecountry.

Depression [dih-preshuh n]

1. theactof depressing.
2. thestateofbeing depressed.
3. depressed orsunkenplaceorpart;anarealowerthanthe surroundingsurface.
4. sadness;gloom;dejection.

5. Psychiatry.aconditionofgeneralemotionaldejectionandwithdrawal;sadnessgreaterandmoreprolongedthanthatwarrantedbyany objectivereason.

Compare clinical depression:

1. dullnessorinactivity,asoftrade.

2. Economics.aperiodduringwhichbusiness,employment,andstock-marketvaluesdeclineseverelyorremainataverylowlevelof activity.

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