Nude Photographs

Be proud of who you are

ReNude Pride

All of us, whether bare (nude) or textile (clothed), enjoy taking group photographs of ourselves with friends and/or family. A permanent reminder of a moment in time regardless if it was a year ago or just the past week. For the majority of us, it helps to refresh our memory of a happy time with those who are important in our lives. Many use some of their photographs to decorate the walls of their home: a “personal” decorative accessory to share with guests.

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One thought on “Nude Photographs”

  1. I totally agree with you Roger. I have photographs of myself in our hallway from a photo shoot I had professionally done last may and I was quite proud of them. John is not a naturist but if he were we would definitely display them as well. If people (friends and family) have issues with our lifestyle and with my photographs then they not truly friends are they?

    Naked hugs


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