Hurry Up Warm Weather

I’m much happier naked and outdoors in nature!

The Naked Truth continues...


It mid March and the days are finally getting lighter “Spring” is here meaning winter is at an end and with it hopefully the days will get warmer too. I’m delighted as it will hopefully mean less time having to wear clothes and long summer days spent naked in the warm sunshine.

Nudity though offends alot of people, but not me. To be honest when I was young,nobody in my family ever cared much for modesty and it wasn’t uncommon to see other family members walking from the shower to their rooms, sunbathing or walking around in the morning without any clothes.It just makes more sense to me and it’s more comfortable too. Unless it’s cold why should anyone have to spend their entire free time clothed indoors.Why should we have to put on clothes when all it’ll do is increase our laundry load, which you pay for.


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