What Can Naturists Do To Make Society More Accepting of Naturism?

Most people are ok with simple nudity


Lately among our FKK facebook group members posted a statement about the requirement for us naturists to get more aggressive in encouraging our lifestyle. Among the main purposes was that we can never completely comprehend a normal life of nudie fun while we’re constantly looked down upon by greater society, and sometimes outright persecution by what the law states.
The question discussed in the place, which can be discussed broadly in the greater naturist community is, what can we really do to make beach hardon accepting of our naturist lifestyle? In trying to answer this question I noticed that one of the primary difficulties is that such dialog can quickly become highly theoretical, esoteric and way too idealistic.
When one greatly ponders all of society’s hang ups with nudity, it seems nearly hopeless that we can make any significant change. But you know what?? I don’t believe that! It actually…

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