Not in a million years.

Some people are so frightened of accepting natural nakedness!

My Life as a Naturist

Just half an hour ago, a friend WhatsApped me with a crisp, ‘What are you doing now?’ I placed my Samsung S7 Edge (which I can attest to be the best selfie camera in the world now that Samsung Note 7 has been withdrawn from the market) some distance from me and took a pic with the voice control feature and sent it to him in reply. It took me only 2 minutes to pose and take a selfie and upload it on WhatsApp. This is the age of the selfie camera phone and words are now unnecessary. In reply to the question what I’m doing now, a selfie is worth more than a thousand words. I sent him this pic which was precisely what I was doing at that point in time – reading a book I had just received a few days ago from

His reply was brief:


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