Who’s disgusting?

An idiot photographer

walking with freedom

2013-09-12 17.52.51

This is the valley of the River Ouse on its journey from Alfriston to the sea at Cuckmere Haven. About 15 minutes earlier and a kilometre upstream occurred a little altercation which meant that all was not as peaceful as it seems. I was out walking the countryside naked with Richard and Will and after a mid-walk pint we were looking for a place to undress again to continue. We strode onto a wooden bridge over the river which Will declared that was a suitable place to get naked and then he proceeded to do so….

A male voice rang out. At first it seemed jokey. We looked around and there 5 – 10 metres away partially hidden on the river bank under the bridge was a burly middle aged man will a large video camera on a low tripod. The camera was pointed at the bridge.

Soon it became…

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