Furthering the cause of Nudism/Naturism

Good ideas for promoting naturism

Tha Naked I

3295402_2_oThis is one of the most important things to me and many other nudists/naturists, to help our way of life ascend to greater heights. In this post you can read my thoughts and suggestions about how we could do that. Note : I didn’t want to keep writing both terms (Nudism & Naturism) so just know I mean both when you read Nudism.

Main thought – Make as many places and activities clothing optional as possible in general !

Go to work naked day – This one is pretty self explanatory. With all the special work days that exist already, why not have one when you go naked. Or at least make it a clothing optional day ! I know, it’s pretty much a pipe dream, but one can certainly wish !

Plead for celebrities to promote Nudism – This one is not hard to wrap your brain around either…

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