Angela Merkel nude?

I would hope it is,at least it would make her more “human”?

the sl naturist

I’ve been passed a photograph that claims to show German Chancellor Angela Merkel as an 18 year old naturist.

The claim gathered so much credence that the likes of the Huffington Post were reporting it, but also claiming it was a hoax, an April Fool’s joke.

The Huffington Post’s photo, censored, runs thus…


Of course, our curiosity was raised, so we went in search of the uncensored original and quite readily found…


We’re kind of in agreement with the suggestion that it’s a hoax, and not the future German leader enjoying naturism. I don’t like the woman, purely on the basis that she seems blind to the fact that Europeans are rejecting her singular vision of a single currency and is determined to push on with the project. I might, however, warm to her ever so slightly if she was, at some point in the past, a committed naturist…

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