FREEDOM!! (from clothes, at least!)

Sounds great

The Recondite Raconteur

When I was a really little kid, we used to play naked in the backyard wading pool. Then, when we got into school, Mom said that being naked is bad. After that, we had to wear our swimming suits in the pool. Fast forward to a few years later and we are now allowed to play in the woods near our house. On hot summer days, the frog pond would be calling our names, but who wanted to walk all the way home for a swimming suit? Off came the clothes and into the water we went. Of course, when we were done swimming, we had no towels. So we played naked until we were dry, or until we felt like getting dressed again. High school and college had skinny-dipping at parties and during days at the lake. Then I grew up and all that fun ended! Sure, my wife…

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