Why are we taught shame about nudity and our bodies?

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My Blog about nudism and naturism (not porn)

Humanity is the most unique species on this Earth. It’s because we are the only ones to cover our bodies. And we are taught to cover up in shame. We’re taught shame about nudity and our bodies, unlike any other species. Why? Here goes why.

Humanity began naked. The earliest humans lived naked, and they lived in rather warm climates. Clothing therefore wasn’t necessary and was rather impractical.

However, then humans started migrating north to North America, Europe, and Asia, and it was the Ice Age. Humans realized they had no hair or fur to not need any body covering. However, people were not ashamed of nudity or their bodies yet. It continued that way throughout ancient history. The human body was seen as innocent in ancient Greece and Italy, and the predecessor to today’s Olympic Games had the competitions done in the nude. Public nudity was then commonplace. Many…

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