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Magazine’s Nude Editorial Highlights The Beauty Of Body Diversity

That’s the very message NOW Toronto magazine hopes to send with its second annual Body Issue, featuring nude portraits to showcase the beauty of body diversity. The spread features athletes, performers and activists who stripped down and opened up about what their bodies mean to them.

“I first conceived of the idea as a more inclusive, diverse and inspiring version of Sports Illustrated’s Body Issue,” writer Sabrina Maddeaux told The Huffington Post in an email. “The images celebrate the human body in all forms, but our subjects’ stories, in their own words, go way beyond skin deep. True, most of the people we photographed were initially (and understandably) nervous, but the consensus was that being shot nude was an incredibly liberating experience. The response has been overwhelmingly positive

Read the full,article :Soirce Huffington Post
See the photos

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