Guest Post: Being Naked

I am happy being naked both alone and with others who are not naked.


It seems that being naked is quite a complicated matter. It can give a feeling of embarrassment, desire, lust, freedom, fear, allure, peace, panic and I could go on. As a child, you feel none of this at all and feel free to run around the house, the beach, the street completely naked as long as the temperature allows. When does this feeling stop? At what age and is it different for men and women? I can’t remember the age I began feeling embarrassed by my own nudity. I come from a shy conservative family so I imagine I was quite young.

Some people will lay scorn on the mother who let her child run naked, some will feel at ease, some will say, “how cute” and some will worry about predators particularly when abuse is such a publicized item. Surely none of this shame should be attributed to a…

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