Clothes hide the ‘real you’.

Some powerful words from a lovely man


I’ve documented on my blog and articles on other blogs on how naturism has given me courage, self-respect and self-esteem unlike any other ‘therapy’.

I have struggled with Ankylosing Spondylitis for years, it has left me with a fused spine which is stooped, a neck that turns very little and two total hip replacements, visually I’m scarred and not your average person.

The act of removing clothes is so much more than just being naked, it removes the stigma of disability, money, social standing and stress that society gives me. I feel unencumbered, free, open and just like any other naked person.

I look in a mirror and see the real Martin, the ‘me’ that has suffered through pain, unhappiness, homophobia, disability BUT being naked cleanses me of all that sadness, I feel light and happiness radiating from me, a strength of courage, bravery, love and respect that comes from…

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