Over the Big Pond

The origins on Naturism!

The Naked Truth continues...


For over 99 % of known human existence our ancestors lived in communal nudity. Until loom technology emerged in Asia about 6,000 years ago, clothing wasn’t an available option anywhere on the planet unless one was into fur, a bad choice for humid days. All children grew up knowing exactly what others of their fellow species looked like. Modesty was presumably not a burning issue, and the notion that human bodies were obscene would never have been imagined. Unless taught otherwise, body acceptance was as natural as life and self-acceptance.Nudity was not always taboo in Europe, of course. Those prime contributors to Western Civilization, the ancient Greeks, found the nude human form both noble and artistically inspiring, competed nude in the Olympics for centuries, and sometimes even fought wars with nude combatants. Their cultural successors, the Romans, socialized nudity in their public baths, and nudity was often part of pagan…

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