When did we become so Modest?

In the 50’s being naked was taboo but in the 60’s wow it was like get them off!

Naturist Fab

I am last of eleven siblings (5 brothers and 5 sisters) and growing up never  did I see any of my siblings naked. Was it because we were Catholic? Or were we simply brought up by our parents to cover up? Were we made to feel ashamed of our naked bodies?

So where did I fit in within this group?   I remember sleeping naked for the first time when I was around 14 when I discovered my nakedness with my neighbor and best friend who was also my age. We would go bike riding during the summer and go skinny dipping at a river every chance we could. We’d often play together naked (nothing sexual) simply play board games, with our toy cars and such. We never even thought twice about it until of course we thought someone was coming and we’d cover up.

So why then did we cover…

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One thought on “When did we become so Modest?”

  1. Great post! Being raised nude here at home, my sister and I never had a second thought about stripping down when we arrived home from school. But it is sad to see my friends battle with their insecurities and body issues as they first tried going nude with us here at home. I wish more parents could see the advantages of raising their families in a nude home.

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