Natural Woodland Feel

As long as you are warm enough the need for clothes is not there!

The Naked Truth continues...


The weather is on the turn and so is the country, if news reports are to be believed. The weather dictate’s naturist activities on the whole, while the government is now trying to dictate to the people, without even asking for parliament’s permission. David Cameron’s dictatorial conservative party want to take away help to the poor and desolate and at the same time remove worker’s rights and take away the right to protest, about poor pay and working conditions. Recently the prime minister gave personal permission for bombings in Syria without any permission being asked for or given by parliament.


Over the last weekend while we were at the club a new leader of the Labour Party, the official opposition to the government, was finally elected after a long drawn out campaign as left winger Jeremy Corbyn, was officially elected with a huge majority. It shows that there is mood…

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