The Banner of Rosenhall – Part 1 – Chapter One (1)

A great read, naked or clothed!

All Things Rabyd

The spray from the ocean crept over the bow of the Nordic long ship making my face have a cold light dampness as I stared out over the water toward my destination.  My bright red hair billowed in the stiff wind from behind and I constantly had to move the stands from my face to see but the sight was a glorious one.  Thankfully the main body of my hair was braided down to the middle of my back. I would cut it but my father loved it long like this.  I wonder though if practicality will eventually make a way through a daughter’s love for her dead father and I would cut it shorter.  Right now though I might cut it purely for the desire for my green eyes to see my destination clearly.

Ahead of me was the sight I had journeyed two weeks to see.  The City of Ragnar, capital of the Nordic…

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