10 questions and answers for the aspiring #nudist

It’s a long since it was 1st time for me,just is part of my life now!

Naked and Happy

I do remember the first time, as a kid, I went to a naturist beach. I do not remember all the questions that went through my mind at that time, because there may not have been any, nudity felt normal, as everybody, as far as I can remember, was nude. However, some years later, having grown up and gone through diverse nude and textile experiences, I asked myself some questions on nudism and naturism, to which I found answers by searching and experiencing myself. I think they can be useful if you think about going to a naturist resort or beach, or going for a naked hike, or just staying at your place, but stripping down. Here we go:

  1. Am I a pervert if I feel good naked?
    Definitely no! There are million naturists in the whole world and by definition they are not perverts. There may be perverts among…

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2 thoughts on “10 questions and answers for the aspiring #nudist”

  1. Hi my girlfriend Ashley is 34 years old and she went to a nudist beach by herself she was laying down on the beach and had a heavy urge to have a bowel movement so she took a big shit on the beach she couldn’t get it I the restroom in time there was other people on the beach Was it ok for her to poop. send me a email

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