No private parts?

Some stirring thoughts here some of which I have not considered before esp in the free posting of my pictures!

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Since starting to blog about nudism last year, I have been very choosy about the things I re-post and pictures I re-blog. I am very conscious about not offending anyone from the nudist community or crossing a line by posting an image that could be seen as sexually explicit. On a blog I have on another service I have received photo submissions that blog have often included very sexually suggestive photos despite my guidelines.

Submit your clothes free pics promote nudism at home, active nudists or nudists of color. No erection or spread eagle crotch, sexually suggestive or under 18 shots please

I have seen lots of nudist blogs there that post as many images of sexual acts as they do nude or nudist pictures. Recently several nudist blogs on that service seem to have been hijacked and taken over it seems by sex oriented bloggers. I made a brief…

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