Cardiff WNBR 2015

A great way to show that cyclist face dangers and the unclad body is not shameful!

Naked Historia

Cardiff was once again host this year to yet another naked bike ride. This was the 8th time there has been a WNBR in Cardiff, although I have only participated in three.image

The message of the ride was clear for all to see.


The naked bike ride in Cardiff was started by Nick Wysoczanskyj, but this was the first year he was not able to participate. Fortunately there were a good core group of people, led by Mike Ambler, who had been regulars at previous rides who were ready to step into his shoes.

This year everything was done extremely well and those to took part said that it was an excellent example of the WNBR done right. The screen was erected, to allow a little privacy when changing, and to separate the participants from the merely curious, until the ride began.

There was a bit more body painting this…

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