Riding on the WNBR: A report by Pookes

A true female account of the Brighton ride!

the sl naturist

Such a jumble of emotions and feelings! Such a day! The only thing that spoiled it was that the weather wasn’t fantastically sunny or hot. Although, when I think about it, maybe it would have made the ride a little uncomfortable to have to cycle in temperatures in the mid-20s. Certainly, when out of the shade, it was lovely. In shade, it could feel chilly at times.

I’ll backtrack a bit.

We’ve written regularly about the WNBR on SLN. Ella and I even talked about trying to organise a SL equivalent. We’ve spoken about how we’d like to do it…some day. So earlier this year my husband and I decided that we would do it, this year. I’m not writing this as a participant in Brighton’s WNBR, and smiling to myself as I type, trying to capture the memories of the day and give you an insight into the event.

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