An Early Trip to the Nude Beach for Jade Sambrook

Sounds wonderful!

The Naked Jade

It was a long and cold winter this one. And like they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming! That’s right, summer hasn’t even begun and winter is almost upon us. I know this because here in Canada, or at least in Eastern Canada, summer is very short. The amount of nice and hot weather that we get is quite disproportionate to the cold weather we are inflicted with each and every year.

That is why I rushed to Oka nude beach this year. It’s only May 2, and there I was, on my way to get a bit of sun on my buns.

Jade Sambrook naked on the beach at Oka clothing optional textile free nude beach

Oka beach, located inside of Oka Provincial Park, is actually divided by both a textile side and a textile-free side. The nude side is actually an unofficial nude beach where going textile-free is simply tolerated by the authorities. Ask the Provincial Park staff at the gate if there is a nude…

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