Absurd reasons for wearing clothes


The Nude Philosopher

"Clothes". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Clothes.jpg#/media/File:Clothes.jpg

The reasons we wear clothes would obviously seem weird to a sane mind. Here I will discuss the most common reasons people tell themselves to justify their fear of being nude.

  • We wear clothes due to cold climate:

This is the ONLY somewhat valid reason to wear clothes in my opinion. Early humans used to live in warm climates of Africa, so nude was the norm as is in the present day tribes of Africa, Australia etc. But once humans started immigrating to the colder climates of Europe and Asia, wearing the hide skins of animals was a necessity. But the problem is people wear clothes even on the warmer days in these places. They wear shorts, tank tops etc. but are still afraid to go all natural. So, this reason is just another useless excuse to further the clothes propaganda.

  • We wear clothes due to modesty:

Oh Modesty!! Oneā€¦

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