Reasons to wear underwear

i also think that constricting the lower abdomen with elastic can result in sciatica like pain which I’ve experienced,removing underclothes relieves this.

Naked Diaries

I’ve been thinking lately about why people wear underwear. I haven’t worn any for a very long time, except when going to the doctor’s or when I believed I’d have to take my pants off in (non-nudist) public. I don’t plan to start any time soon and failing to find any reasons to do so, except when it’s medically necessary, I asked Google to think for me.

What I found was silly enough to share and debunk.

The first thing I checked out was an article on a well-known men’s web site which I’m not going to advertise because it advertises enough for the lousy content it offers. It made me click through all “top 5” reasons underwear matters only to find that the only reason it matters is because there is the word “buy” on every single page. Even though I didn’t see it, I’m sure each of them is placed right beside…

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