A Letter for Facebook | The Naturist Page

I had my accout suspended for 30 days for posting an innocent naturist picture!

The Naturist Page

Dear Facebook,

I’m writing to you out of  concern about your censorship rule. It is to my understanding that pages do have the option to set the minimum age limit and you should realize the difference in photos. Use the censorship rule for people who have porn, or with intention for sexualizing the human body.

I’d like to explain to you about fine art, Naturism and Nudism… straight up nudity that is not promoting to sexualize the human body in it’s natural form. Why should Naturism and nudism or fine art in simple non-sexual way be targets of the censorship rule? We’d like if you could take this in to consideration and ask if you could give us our right to not be treated as being sexual.


The Naturist Page

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