When to be naked?

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Naked and Happy

Here’s a question I sometimes ask myself. For instance: friends are coming at home, shall I be naked? I am going to jog in the woods, shall I go naked? I am on holiday, shall I chose a naked venue?

The facts are, as a nudist, I am spending most of my time entirely naked. When I say entirely, I mean entirely, not even a watch or jewelry. Nudity is my normal and natural state. Unfortunately, society does not tolerate nudists everywhere, otherwise, I think I would be naked whenever weather and conditions permit.

So coming back to this post question. My natural answer is: always. However, I cannot completely cut myself from society. I therefore need to own some comfortable clothing for social interaction. Besides those moments when society requires me to be clothed, the simple answer to the question remains always! Friends are coming, I will be naked. I…

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