Spreading equality

No part of the body is inherently indecent!

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A recent blog post by a friend over at True Nudists suggests that in addition to topless equality nudist women should claim their equal rights to spread em or as she calls it gender visual equality.

English: Walking around at the nudist beach. D...(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keep in mind this is not to say “hey gals open your legs get crazy”, it is to sayladies feel free to be as relaxed as do the men when you are in and aboutmixed company as long as you keep it non sexual and in good taste. Same goesfor the men who celebrate gender freedom in a visual way without any feelingsof shame. Enjoy body acceptance in a positive balanced environment of freedomand equality, and feel the difference (rush) of acceptance of being trulyand completely equally naked unashamed, all while promoting the ingredientthat eliminates male arousal so men can be the same as the women are, andjust like the men…

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