Body Art, Piercings, shaving: What does it mean to a Naturist?

A personal choice which should be respected!

Naturist Fab

Recently I came across a follower on Tumblr who for all intents and purposes deemed themselves as a Naturist Site where photos of Naturists were welcomed.   I soon found out not so much welcome.

The beach photo I had submitted was refused because I have a genital piercing that to them was considered sexual in nature. Maybe I had the wrong idea when I initially got my piercing I certainly never associated it to being sexual. To me it was no different than getting earrings (only that it hurt a lot more).

So what else might be interpreted as sexual; Tattoos, shaving?

Our bodies are ours to do what we please so interpretation of how we want people to see us certainly depends on the context.

If you post a picture of a man’s erection then yes that would be considered sexual. A couple having intercourse would be considered sexual…

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