Arousal when naked, is it natural?

Well, read this first…   A particular problem for us males, often construed as a sexual response, but it can be a totally normal part of being male, often women do not realise this. Erections occur when sleeping and often “that thing” will be standing to attention when awake and getting up(pun intended!). I would not normally post a picture of myself on a naturist blog of me aroused but this is completely natural having my 1st coffee of the day! It is non-sexual, just me as I often am when 1st awake and soon returned to “normal”….  So I hope you will not be offended but no offence is intended, I just think we should be more accepting of both our own and others bodies.

!st coffee of the day naturally awake!
1st coffee of the day naturally awake!

5 thoughts on “Arousal when naked, is it natural?”

  1. Hey, thanks for liking my poem Naked Artisan on WordMusic. I appreciate the connection. If you like that, there are several other poems on the blog about being naked. Enjoy!


  2. Quite right, more club and regular nudists should accept that erections are natural and can occur at any time, particularly younger guys, fear of getting erections stops a lot of younger guys becoming nudists!
    Personally, I am 69 and I can still get erections when sunbathing without any erotic thoughts, usually when I am tired and just ‘resting my eyes’, which occurs more at my age…. LOL

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